Top Ways To Look Stunning With Plus Size Skinny Jeans

The curvy skinny jeans have been one of the most popular denim styles for what feels like forever. However, if you’re not a stick figure, they might feel like a challenge to pull off. We are here to tell you that plus size women can look stunning and fashionable in skinny jeans. You just need to find the perfect-fitting one and then style your wholesale plus size jeans in the right way to balance your proportions, so you can flaunt your style, and confidently show off your body.

  1. Purchase for a Perfect Fit

    Plus Size High-waist Skinny Wash Jeans

    Anyone, whether plus size or not, must pay special attention to getting the right fit in skinny jeans. This usually means trying on a lot of pairs of jeans, so be prepared and give yourself enough time when shoping for jeans. What you’re looking for is a slim-fitting jeans that fits snugly around the waist and hips, without feeling overly tight when you’re standing or sitting.
    Jeans should also flow smoothly over your legs, without being squeezed so much that they create unwanted lumps or bumps. The perfect skinny jeans can lengthen your legs in a way that’s super flattering, so try on as many pairs as needed to find the jean that works best for you. If you have a belly, you may want to look for a mid-rise style of skinny jeans, which can help to high and contain your middle, but try on different styles until you find your favorite.

    So , what if a pair of jeans that fits you perfectly around the waistline and in the seat, but the legs are too long? No problem, you can always modify the hem of the jeans to the hit with the right length, which is an easy fix by a seamstress or tailor.

  2. Pick a Dark Wash Jean

    Plus Size Ripped Cutout Skinny Jeans

    A dark wash skinny jean, is the most slimming choice for plus size women. You probably already know that wearing dark colored outfits can visually minimize body areas, while lighter colors can make things look larger. Skinny jeans in a dark wash are the most versatile type of jeans in every woman’s wardrobe, as they can be worn with casual attire or dressed up for fashion occasions. Or instead of dark blue jeans, you can pick a great-fitting, which can be styled in your closet just as you would wear a black pant.

    While the most exquisite skinny jean you can purchase is a dark, solid colored pair, which doesn’t mean you can’t wear colored jeans. In fact, doing so can add fun and variety to your wardrobe, giving you a confident look that’s always flattering. If you want to streamline your figure, just skip past the pastel shades and shop for colored denim in rich, saturated hues, such as deep burgundy, forest green, or charcoal gray, to get a more slender effect.

  3. Style Skinny Jeans With the Right Tops

    Plus Size Fashionable Solid Color Skinny Jeans
    Throwing on a well-fitting top can balance out your body’s proportions by attracting the attention to your upper half, making your lower half appear slimmer. You can always choose a slim-fitting vest to show off your body curve if that gives you more confidence. Go ahead and wear a sports vest for casual style, which will balance your skinny bottoms. Just pay attention to your accessories: Adding high heels and a statement necklace to make this simple outfit look trendy rather than sloppy.

  4. Choose Skinny Jeans With Stretch

    Plus Size Butterfly Print Ripped Skinny Jeans
    Skinny jeans that incorporate a moderate amount of elastane in the denim fabric can be very flattering to plus size figure when they’re crafted in a heavier weight denim. High-quality stretch jeans are often more comfortable and flexible to walk, stand, and sit in than regular jeans, too, which may make these your favorite new jean. Most importantly, many premium denim brands are now adopting stretch skinny jean styles specifically designed to lift, shape, and smooth the figures of curvier women.

  5. Wear the Right Shoes With Skinny Jeans

    Plus Size High-waist Skinny Jeans
    Skinny jeans are perfect for elongating your legs. Keep that long, lean line going by wearing black high-heels. Or choose the shoes that closely match the shade of your jeans in black or navy. You will look good in high-heels with skinny jeans, but you can also wear flats if you prefer this style. Whether your shoes are heels or flats, you need to choose a pointed toe style rather than rounded toe shoes, to create the slimmest visual effect for legs.

Women of any figure or size should not hide under loose outfits but should rather experiment with cuts and styles that emphasize their good points. What’s more, with the wider variety of plus sized clothing coming out today, if you have not found the skinny jeans that suit you, then you can turn to here wholesale womens apparel supplier SheStar to shop one.


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