Traveling to Los Angeles: must-see places to visit

Traveling to Los Angeles is guaranteed to have fantastic experiences! It is the second largest city by density in the United States, and is popular with travelers for its many entertainment options.

The city breathes cinema. When walking through its streets and avenues, don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re in a movie scene. That’s the atmosphere of the place!

But that’s not all: the city is vibrant, has a beach and is home to important studios, in addition to the iconic Hollywood sign.

Want to know what you can’t miss on a trip to Los Angeles? Check out the main attractions in this post!

Travel to Los Angeles: Discover one of the most vibrant cities in the USA:

With sights scattered all over the place, such as the famous Walk of Fame and the Dolby Theater, where the Oscars are celebrated, Los Angeles is one of the cities that promises to enchant you during a trip to the United States.

The experience of taking guided tours to get to know the most decorated studios in the history of cinema, including Warner Bros and Paramount, will leave you ecstatic!

The film capital of the United States, as it is known, offers a lot of fun. From the huge Griffith Park, from where you can see almost 100% of the city, to Rodeo Drive, the street with the most famous brands in the world for you to make the best purchases.

Come find out more about when to go and what to do in Los Angeles!

When is the best time to go to Los Angeles?

You must be wondering: but when is the best time to travel to California cities?

The Californian metropolis attracts tourists all year round. That’s because it has a pleasant and lively atmosphere at any time, always being a time to be visited.

If you want to avoid crowded places and higher prices, we suggest you avoid the months of July and August, as it is summer and vacation in the United States.

Some of the best times to travel to Los Angeles are the months of April, May, September and October: this way, you can avoid the higher prices and still enjoy the good Californian weather.

Weather in Los Angeles:

As we said, the weather in Los Angeles is pleasant all year round. Temperatures are hotter than cold, with over 30ºC in the summer and around 20ºC during the winter, with cooler nights. Try ATV Tour in Los Angeles

It won’t be too cold and you won’t see snow either, but the nights from November to March will have lows around 8ºC. So, if you travel to Los Angeles in December, it’s okay to bring warm clothes for your night walks, okay?

Los Angeles travel insurance:

When planning an international trip to the USA, it is important that planning is thought of in order to avoid perrengues, thus having the greatest possible peace of mind. What we really want is for everything to go the best way, don’t we?

As much as we think that nothing will happen during the trip, some things we cannot control. Insurance exists for these moments.

In the event of a medical emergency or food poisoning, a lost luggage, flight delay and other setbacks, travel insurance for the United States will resolve your issues so that you can proceed with your itinerary.

And there’s more! The insurance is much cheaper than a consultation with a doctor or dentist outside Brazil.

In the United States, health expenses are very high, which can make you use all the money reserved for the trip and still need more, if you don’t have travel insurance.

So, don’t give it a chance and research your plan here, at Seguros Promo: we work with the best insurance companies on the market to ensure excellence in the services provided, with the best cost-benefit!

Venice Boardwalk:

Known for its canals, beaches and circuses, the Venice Boardwalk has an alternative and eclectic setting that caters for all tastes.

You will be able to walk along the sandy stretch of Venice Beach and admire the houses facing the sea, as well as visit the many souvenir shops, bars, restaurants and the famous gym where Arnold Schwarzenegger trained for a long time.

Rent a bike and go for a ride there among skaters, surfers and people practicing physical activities, and enjoy the music outdoors in a climate of pure relaxation.

Universal Studios Hollywood:

In addition to the park, Universal Studios Hollywood is home to several Universal Pictures studios, the most traditional in Hollywood! In other words, almost everything we see on movie screens is produced there, in that grandeur!

Universal Studios Hollywood is divided into two floors: because it is located on top of a hill, and access is through the Upper Lot, or upstairs. Its main attractions are the same as Orlando Studios.

Among the most surprising scenarios, you will see The Walking Dead and Super Silly Fun Land, which has attractions for children, such as the Minions.

In the park, you will still find the city of the Simpsons and real studios already decommissioned, such as Jaws, Psycho, War of the Worlds and more!

Disney Parks:

To make the perfect Los Angeles trip, be sure to travel to Disney California! The famous amusement parks are essential attractions to bring even more magic to your itinerary.

Opened in 1955, the Disneyland complex has two Disney parks with entertainment for adults and children. Take a closer look at what the genius Walt Disney thought up to amuse the whole world!

Compared to Disney in Orlando, Disney in California is smaller, but still surprising. In the state, you will find Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure Park, in addition to Downtown Disney and three hotels.

Griffith Park:

The largest park in Los Angeles, with approximately 4,000 hectares, has already been used as a movie set in the cinematographic city, being present in more than 50 feature films and series!

Go hiking or biking, sports activities, enjoy the sunset with a picnic and relax in this park. Visit the Greek Theater, where several outdoor concerts take place, as well as recognize places that were once movie sets!

Other attractions inside Griffith Park are the Griffith Observatory, which we have already mentioned, in addition to the Autry National Center Museum, the Botanical Garden and the Los Angeles Zoo — and of course, the viewpoint where you can see the famous Hollywood sign!




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