Trip to Myanmar – A Beautiful Destination for Every Traveler

Myanmar is also known as Burma and is located in South East Asia but this country is not popular as much as Thailand, Laos, and India for the tourists. This country becomes available for tourist from last five years and you must be surprised when you traveled here because there are a lot of attractions that make this country mysterious. You can take a wonderful trip to Myanmar with Myanmar holiday packages that will make your trip more memorable and enthral.

Here, the currency is known as “Kyat” that is also popular Burmese which is totally different from its Asian neighbors. And the English language is not spoken generally here like other South East Asia countries but most people tried to learn the English language. But the local people of Myanmar are helpful and friendly, but like always, aware of crimes and fraud or use your common-sense. And must remember; never get impolite with an officer at the checkpoint.

The capital of Myanmar is Naypyitaw that is the main and only city that does not have black-outs. But at this capital city, there are not a lot of attractions apart from the government buildings and largely empty roads. But at Myanmar, you must visit the Yangon city that is the biggest city of this country and the busiest hub of Mandalay.

Here in this country mostly don’t know about western fashion so don’t be shocked after seeing the men wearing a skirt which is called as “Longyi”. And women in Myanmar put the yellow paste on their faces that are painted in different designs and is known as “Thanaka” which saves their skin from the sun.

Tea-houses are outstanding from majestic times where people visit to meet and gossip with each other, and take breakfast, eat a different variety of sweets or cakes, and of course drink tea as well. But you must be aware when you visit a tea-house because a plate of cakes will be takeover to you in spite of whether you request it or not and you will have to pay for it if you eat any or not.

In Myanmar, there is a lot of compressed tourist route that’s why it is not the place for sightseeing for foreigners, particularly in the north side, but if you are working as on specialist charities or National Geographic then you will be directed down the same way. Although, it is not right to say that it is not an amazing way to follow since it is filled with a lot of amazing attractions along the path.

You can begin your journey from the Schwedagon Pagoda in Yangon that gives you beautiful insight as that country offers. You see here the pagoda that stands 110 meters tall and it is a beautiful to view to watch. It is every day full by the lovely local who will push you to connect with their traditions.

After that, we go to the small city of this country which is Bagan with comfy and secure but a little long bus ride that takes approximate 10hrs from Yangon. It is a popular and single attraction in the world with a lot of temples.

At Bagan, you enjoy the best sunsets and sunrises in all of South East Asia and easily see the other popular Buddhist attractions closely, like as Borobudur in Indonesia or Angkor Wat in Cambodia. If you want incredible experience then you must ride an e-bike around the pagoda fields and sightseeing the temples because that experience you cannot forget.

Another and beautiful attractions of this country are Inle Lake where you can relax on a boat with deep blue waters that are encircled by mountains and get pleasure from the sightseeing the local life of peoples. It is an amazing feeling to get that is different from the western world and completely encircled by the jingles of nature with Myanmar tour packages.

At Myanmar, you never be bored because it has a lot of things for everyone like attractive palm-lined vacant beaches in the west side such as NgweSaung, fascinating historical cities, and towns that are spread around the country, and mountains to trek in the north side. And if you want more then you must have passions that are slowly becoming available for tourists.

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