Try 9 Items for a Filling Weekend Breakfast

Given the rise of the virus and the ongoing pandemic situation, things have completely changed for so many. People with an immensely active lifestyle are now confined within the four walls of their houses and dealing with social distancing. Surely you might not be an exception either. While previously, you have enjoyed pretty active weekends with friends or loved ones, right now probably you are spending your weekends at home. While watching Netflix you are probably wondering what you can order in, as food is the only source of delight in your life right now.

So, if you are in Fort Collins and planning to order in from some local restaurants in Fort Collins, then you can choose Rainbow Restaurant. Voted as the best restaurant for the last 40 years, this family-owned place is now a great place for placing your order through their website or Noco Nosh. So what can you order? Take a look.

9 Items For Weekend Breakfast

Breakfast Burrito

Looking for a filling breakfast that will keep you full for quite some time? Breakfast Burrito from the kitchen of Rainbow Restaurant is surely a great pick to start your day. Filled with black beans, Jack cheese, two scrambled eggs, grilled potatoes smothered with salsa and topped with sour cream, their Burrito will surely fill your belly. Garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, and onions, these burritos are perfect for starting your day even when you are on the go for maybe a hike on weekend.

Breakfast Burrito

Ultimate Latkes

With Burrito or without it, you can go for the ultimate potato latkes that will give you a wholesome feeling. Sweet potato latkes are served with homemade applesauce, fruit, sour cream, pumpkin bread, bacon of your private choice, ham, and tofu. They serve it with green onions. The exotic taste of latkes will surely make your heart and stomach sing the happy tune of satisfaction.

Ultimate Latkes

Scrambled Tofu

If you are a vegan and looking for the best option for breakfast, then this item can be a great choice for you. Rainbow Restaurant serves scrambled locally sourced tofu and vegetables. Served with grilled potatoes and toast, this is a healthy breakfast option for vegans. In fact, you might not know, but Rainbow restaurant is one of the best places in Fort Collins when you are looking for the best breakfast in Fort Collins with Vegan alternatives.

Scrambled Tofu

Buenos Dias

If you are a food lover, you surely have heard about this exotic dish that not only fills your stomach for breakfast but it can also be a good choice for delicious brunch. This filling bowl of goodness will surely become your highlight of the weekend when you order this from Rainbow Restaurant. Grilled tofu or tempeh tossed with vegetables roasted poblanos, quinoa, and your choice of Jack or vegan cheese – this is the much-acclaimed Buenos Dias for you. It is served with two warm tortillas and topped with avocado. Health, nutrition, and deliciousness come packed in one bowl for you. Rainbow Restaurant reaches its level of excellence with this one.


Smoked Salmon Benedicts

Start your day or have a delicious brunch with some healthy serving of fish. Smoked Salmon Benedict is thinly sliced smoked salmons, with grilled onions, capers, and two poached eggs. A perfect American breakfast or a brunch menu, this is a must-try if you are searching for the best breakfast near me and ordering from Rainbow Restaurant.


Whole Tosada

Do you have a soft spot for Mexican food? Do you want to spend your weekend gorging on some spicy Mexican goodness while binge watching your favorite romcom? If yes, then order a whole tosada right away. Made of corn tortilla, it comes with two eggs, Jack cheese, black beans, red chili, topped with sour cream. Rainbow Restaurant serves this with grilled potatoes on the side. Order a bottle of bloody merry with it and this will be the perfect sumptuous brunch for you too. Surely, this is the good food that will make your holiday weekend more fun and “filling.”


Green Egg and Ham

You are probably someone who is trying to boost the immunity quite a few notches while making sure that you are getting the food that all your taste buds can savor. So, for you, Green Egg and Ham can be the perfect pick. The platter of green goodness with the protein and fat filled egg and ham is surely what you need. Scrambled egg, spinach, onions, Jack Cheese, cream cheese and ham, this whole thing comes with grilled potato and toast on the side. If you are particularly on a gluten free diet, don’t worry. Rainbow Restaurant has their special reputation of serving gluten free food too.



When it comes to spicy taste and plate filled with deliciousness, then Mexican food is the perfect option for you. And in this case, Huevo is originally a farm food from Mexico, pretty popular amongst the hard working community. So, if you are tired after the whole week of back breaking work or study and looking for a leisurely weekend with good food and good book and movie, then choose Huevo. Served with quesadilla and grilled potatoes, this one comes with two eggs, salsa, lettuce, and Jack cheese. Do you really need something better to savor on this weekend?


Egg, Veggies and Cheese

When you are looking for a wholesome food that you can keep digging up and eat with fort while you enjoy movie marathon on OTT platform or read your favorite hardback novel, then this is the one you should go for. Egg Veggies and Cheese comes with scrambled egg, red peppers, zucchini, broccoli and cauliflower. Rainbow Restaurant serves it with grilled potato and toast. Again, if you are looking for a gluten free alternative, you can get that too. So, curl up on you couch with a bowl of this.

So, now as you know about these items, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and enjoy your lazy weekend at home digging in and sipping from a glass of wine while binge-watching a new show on Netflix.

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