Types of Dentures & Their Contribution To Maintaining Oral Health

Anyone with missing teeth can fill the gap by going for a partial or full set of dentures treatment. You could face different types of dental problems. Teeth with cavities can rot and fall out. You could lose teeth due to periodontal disease, intake of medications, soda, acidic foodstuffs, and poor oral hygiene.

You have the option to replace missing teeth with partial or full treatment. Dentures are custom-designed so that they can perfectly fit inside your mouth and even match (visual-appeal) your remaining teeth in case of partial dentures. You can approach a full service dental laboratory near you to choose the right kind of dentures.

How do Dentures Work?

When full dentures are used by dentists for your dental treatment, he will take your gum measurements or an impression of your mouth after all the remaining teeth have been removed. After considering and observing the impression, the dentist can finally decide on what is best for you.

Types of Dentures

  • Conventional full dentures – Full dentures (conventional) are fitted inside the mouth after a lengthy healing time. Conventional dentures can be removed whenever you want. But it is placed inside the mouth only after the tissues have healed. This can also take many months.
  • Immediate full dentures – After creating a model jaw, the dentist can insert the full dentures (immediate) once all your teeth are removed. There is no waiting time to wear immediate full dentures. However, you need to visit your dentist regularly so that he can reline the dentures according to the new reshaped bones that support your teeth.
  • Partial dentures – Partial type of dentures are made with the help of a metallic framework so that it attaches to your natural remaining teeth. You may feel uncomfortable for a few weeks but eventually, you will get used to it. The dentist may reline the partial dentures after some months. Even the denture base structure may be re-designed so that it offers a perfect fit. As you age, the contour of your gums or mouth area may change and subsequently, the dentures have to be relined.

If you live in Austin, you can visit a modern Austin dental laboratory to seek an appointment with a professional dentist. A cosmetic dentist with many years of experience can guide your case after considering your teeth related issues and follow common procedures to fit you with full or partial dentures.

Dental Prosthesis & Oral Health

Having a dental prosthesis can help restore and preserve your jaw structure and your natural teeth anatomy. You eating habits and the jaw strength will be directly influenced by the placement of the dentures. Many people feel that getting dentures can only affect the way you smile. But, dentures give you more than just a beautiful smile.

When you lose a tooth or two, the whole oral anatomy is negatively affected. The surrounding tissues and teeth can give you numerous problems. This is one of the major reasons why people who have lost teeth do not waste time in approaching good reliable dental clinics or dental labs in California or New York City for getting treated for replacement teeth. Any good dental clinics near your place may be contacted for getting dentures. A specialist dental doctor or denturist can provide you with the best oral treatment while promoting proper jaw alignment of your teeth and jaws.

Dentists explain that when you chew or bite your food, there is a pressure created. The correct placement of new dentures is very important so that this pressure is evenly distributed inside the mouth for good oral health.

Salient Features of Dentures

  • To provide an aesthetic appeal and a beautiful smile
  • For best oral hygiene
  • To restrict future gum or teeth problems
  • For maintaining healthy gums
  • To support the changing contour of your jawline and gums
  • To boost your self-esteem and confidence
  • To boost your mental health
  • For better interaction with others
  • For a clearer speech

Dentures supply you with replacement teeth for your missing ones so that there is no further shifting and misalignment of your jaws and the remaining teeth. Your original cheek and mouth definition remains in place thus giving you a youthful look. Moreover, dentures give the patients maximum oral flexibility and functional assistance. Dentures still remain one of the least expensive dental teeth replacement solutions in the world.

Selecting a Reputed Denturist in the United States

It goes without saying that finding top qualified denturists is necessary for getting dentures in New York or anywhere in the United States. Choose a dentist who can handle such procedures carefully and accurately. He should also make you feel comfortable and at ease. With his vast experience, he can also throw light on the whole procedure of placing dentures inside your mouth. A good dentist will always give you the best long-term dental results.

Everyone wishes to contact a dentist who can offer the most advanced technical procedures along with superior clinical qualities. Caring for the patients and treating them with compassion in a cozy relaxed dental setting should be the main focus of the dentist.

New Type of Dentures

You can also inquire about the new implant-retained dentures that are created with high-quality titanium material fixtures that are attached to the jawbone area. These dentures are more durable and stable than traditional denture types. The cost of implant-retained dentures is less costly than implant dental restorations.

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Taking Good Care of Dentures

Once the doctor has fixed your dentures, it is in your hands to take proper care of the artificial false teeth set and the mouth area. Just like the natural teeth set, dentures have to be brushed twice to maintain good hygiene. You also need to take care of your gums and tongue while brushing and flossing. Not caring for your oral health can increase the plaque build-up, which may cause infection or gum problems. Periodic visits to the doctor who has placed your dentures are vital because, after some months, dentures have to be relined and remade. Meanwhile, the dentist can monitor your oral health and the fit of the dentures and check for possible signs of oral issues.

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