Want to Delight Yourself by Building Dream like Deck? Read This!

A deck is the area of your home which has the maximum footprints. There, you play, party, and sometimes relax too. And that’s the reason it has to be perfect. But building the perfect deck isn’t a bowl of duck soup, it comes with all the challenges that you may never thought. The biggest hindrance is often where dream design meets budget.

Steps to build your dreamlike deck

Ask any deck builder who has designed the deck. They will tell you the same, the designing part is simple, but meeting the budget is where it gets tough. And guess what? That’s where our work begins. We will be taking you to the tour of 10 steps to build your dreamlike deck.

  1. Set the budget:

    If you have zero knowledge about the market value of building decks, then this might be overwhelming for you. However, what you can do is check the price of different types of decking materials in the market. Add on some extra bucks for furniture, accessories, and things you would like to have on your deck. This way, set your budget.

    One important thing to consider is, keep aside an extra amount of money for the project as you may need it at any time.

  2. Check your location and plan:

    Usually, people install the deck without planning and checking their location. This mistake can bring down the number of your options and stifle your creative process. Ask yourself a few questions:

    • Do you have a snow-capped mountain peak or an ugly water tower?
    • Do you have any trees that provide shade?
    • Do you have a pool or a garden?

    You will be able to decide the proper design of your deck after answering the above questions. For example, if you can see snow-capped mountain peak from your home or have a pool, then consider building a floating deck. It will accentuate the advantages of your site. After all, the deck’s work is to add to the exterior aesthetics to your home décor.

  3. Match your dreams with your lifestyle:

    Your dream deck must meet your lifestyle. Therefore, gather your family members and make a list of activities that you people would like to do in the outdoor space. For instance, if you’re a party lover, then you can plan to keep an outdoor kitchen. It will give you a clear picture of the elements to add to your deck.

    Based on the discussion with your family members, consider design elements, like a fire pit, a spa to soak in, upcycled bar, etc.

  4. Plan the shape and size of your deck:

    After making a checklist of your lifestyle, you will need to check the shape and size of your deck to make it appealing. If you have a bigger outdoor space, then you can add various elements to your decking. For example, a small dining area for a romantic dinner, a small fire pit, or a fountain. It depends on your taste and preference.

    If space is your weakest point, then “simple” is an ideal theme for you. A small coffee table, potted plants, and a small fire pit would make the best match.

  5. Decide the decking materials:

    Selecting the decking material will be a critical decision in the cost of your deck. And it depends upon the length of time you plan to live in the home and what suits your needs the best. From costly to costliest, you will find treated lumber, cedar, bamboo, timber, and composite materials for decking purposes.

    Nowadays, timber vs. composite decking discussion is on everyone’s lips, but you need to decide which one is the best for you.

  6. Gaps between the composite boards:

    The vital tip for designing and building the deck of your dreams is to leave gaps between the composite boards. It will help to improve your drainage, especially during monsoon. Apart from this, it will also allow you to manage moisture and molds. However, the gaps shouldn’t be too small because dirt and debris will get accumulated in it. And it will make your sweeping difficult.

  7. Design proper drainage:

    In most homes, people attach the deck to their house. If you are planning to do the same, then you need to consider designing proper drainage. Though it is in the outdoor space, it can collect water during rains or cleaning. To avoid your paradise getting wet, you need to design proper drainage. For this, experts always recommend building a sloppy outdoor space to drain away all the water.

  8. Dress up your deck:

    Dress up your deck to add style and warmth to your outdoor living. Put a rattan sofa and a table styled with elegant textiles. Combine the same with metal furniture and accessories as nowadays, mix and match are getting more love. Place some colorful cushions on sofas.

    Install umbrellas or roofs based on the weather of your region. You can even go back to your old days and add a swing in your garden and make some unforgettable moments.

  9. Decorate with planters:

    The deck is not only about the floor but also the planters that give life to it. Plants are the ideal decorations that work for all the decking. If you have a smaller decking, then consider hanging pots, otherwise, you can go for potted plants. You can even place planters on your railings or join it to a bench.

  10. Install some lights:

    A deck cannot be perfect until you install some lights in it. But spending too much on lighting for the decking that you don’t use at night will be foolish. You can install post cap lights as they will provide you lighting and will also protect wood posts from rotting and weathering. Additionally, add some LEDs to the railings and staircases too. Step lighting will give safety to decks that have a lot of stairs.

    If you have too many trees or tall objects around your deck, then café lights would add a gorgeous glow to your outdoor space.

Gift the deck to your parents:

Parents’ Day is around the corner, and if you haven’t thought of any gift, then do not despair. Surprise them by building a dreamlike deck. For this, you can even request a consultation from professionals. They have all the knowledge of additions and subtractions of elements to create a decking like you always wanted. Combine the experience of a professional with the above-listed steps and kick-start your project.

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