What AI Can Do For Your Digital Marketing Efforts

In today’s digital world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking over the human role of analyzing the market trends and there is role to play for Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing . AI can give our business a competitive marketing edge by saving your company’s time and marketing resources. There are a number of AI tools and applications available that are transforming the digital marketing techniques in order to boost the business marketing efforts.

Here, few applications are mentioned that are revolutionizing the digital market approach.

Content Generation and Curation

We all know that content plays a major role in digital marketing efforts and it take too much time to collect data and information on topic and write in appropriate manner but AI tools make it easy for digital marketers. Few Artificial Intelligence tools like Wordsmith, Articoolo, and Quill are already being used by the Associated Press and Forbes to generate news, which leads to clicks on their websites. These tool use a form to collect the data like keywords and information and create unique content that like a human have written it. Besides content writing, AI tools also can curate the content and connect your content with visitors by showing them more relevant content so they spend more time on it.

Email Marketing

Now a days, AI is also being used by businesses and brands to personalize their email marketing campaign. They use the AI technology to customize their email marketing campaign as per their preferences and used behavior. Through AI, automatic learning can review the millions of data about the user to conclude the best times to contact the user, the content that gets their attention the most, and which email subjects and titles produce more clicks. So, AI can help you in customizing the email content for each subscriber.

Digital Advertising

AI is also adopted by the digital advertising by the major ads platform like Facebook and Google. These platforms use machine learning and artificial intelligence to find the people more disposed to make the advertiser’s desired action. They use an automatic auction-based system that allow marketers to pay the lowest possible cost per conversion.

Online Searches

There are 2 major development in AI i.e. voice search and Google’s algorithm, RankBrain that are revolutionized Internet searches and search engine optimization. Due to these AI advances online searches has changed when user perform the search. Google’s RankBrain algorithm, was generated to get more relevant search results for user query. It understands the user’s voice searches and use the power of Artificial intelligence to provide the the best search results according to what it understood from the user’s verbal query and context. So, Voice searches require marketers to adjust their content so that it’s closer to the way a user would orally express themselves.

Web Design and Development

AI in digital marketing also take care of the burden of website design and development. AI powered website design platforms like Grid can easily made a professional website based on user data and way of user interaction. Besides Grid, other AI-powered website design platforms include FireDrop Sacha and Wix ADI that allow you to create website in less time and efforts.

User Experience and Chatbots

Through Artificial Intelligence Algorithm it is possible to customized the website that show offers and content that are more appropriate for each user type. However it will be done after reviewing the millions of data on an individual user including location, devices, interactions with site etc.. AI also offer make user experience on website and applications more user friendly by using chatbots that are making the course of powering responses to possible buyers’ FAQ even easier by providing them with a way to search for the product or service they are searching for.

Predictive Analysis

On the basis on user behavior review, AI also do predictive analysis and give future conclusions based on data history. In order to predict the results it uses data, statistical algorithms, and machine learning methods. However these predictive models are only be as good as the data you provide while creating them.

So you can see that AI is an unbelievable technology that can work as wonder for you digital marketing campaign.

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