What Are The Advantages Of Scanning Health Records And Maintaining Electronic Medical Records

Medical records are known to contain important information regarding the patient health data as well as their personal information. Sensitive data such as birth dates, family records, history of illness and other personal matters are highlighted in the health records in detail. While these files are to be kept confidential at hospitals and care-giving centers, there can always be accidents and disasters that lead to the loss of the important files.

Even though the risks of accidents are quite low, many of the old paperwork is at risk of getting lost among all of the papers and these can also be misplaced. Given all of these circumstances, many doctors and hospital staff look to various alternatives that are available for alternative storage of these records. The advancements in technology have made way for a variety of innovations in various fields. Record storage is also something that has gained immensely from the technological progress.

Now, it is possible for doctors to keep digital  health records of their patients, which can be kept safe and classified and it also takes up lesser amount of space when compared to the physical records. Electronic medical records are being used by medical centers that would like to gradually move away from the paper based records. It can be quite an effective method of getting rid of clutter at the workplace and be more efficient with the record-keeping process.

If you are a doctor who finds himself at a lack of physical place at the workplace, it can be very useful to look towards moving to a digital database of patient health records. One method that is viable is the scanning of the existing paper records and converting them to digital records, which can, in turn, be saved on a computer drive and kept safely for as long as required.

Some of the advantages that a medical center is sure to gain from moving to the digital system include:

  • Save valuable work space:

    For a majority of hospitals, it is necessary to dedicate an entire room to the record keeping process. There is also the necessity of entrusting the responsibility of labeling, and classifying the records, to someone, according to the categories of the hospital. Digital records take up only one portion of the room in comparison. The new area in the hospital can be put to innumerable causes. Therefore, it makes sense to scan the documents and classify them digitally, having a dedicated hard drive to store all of the data.

  • The issue of security:

    Having physical files that contain a ton of important information related to patients can be a potential risk. There could be a large number of security risks such as a theft at the hospital premises, an accidental fire that damages the paper records or a natural disaster such as floods or earthquakes that have the capacity to ruin the records completely. Digital records are considered to be amongst the safest, given the various levels of security that can be applied to these records.

  • Easier to maintain and classify:

    The digital records are definitely the better choice when it comes to maintaining the records in an appropriate manner. These are not only easier to arrange and classify, but a single record can also be easily found out with a simple search. This process becomes extremely complicated when the records are physical papers. This is one reason why a majority of medical centers are moving to digital medical records storage in Canada.

  • Needs fewer people to look after the record-keeping process:

    In a hospital, for the safekeeping of the physical health records, it was important to employ a number of people to perform the job. When the medical centers gradually move towards a digital record keeping process, one person can be entrusted to look after the scanning and storing of the electronic medical records, and the procedure can also be completed at a much shorter time span.

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