What Are The Different Types Of Healthcare Software?

Currently, the healthcare sector is facing extreme pressure to move towards the digital systems both from the general public as well as regulatory authorities. Also, the government is specifically pushing for the digital systems as it is involved in making the functionality of hospitals along with some other systems much more transparent.

In recent days, most of the people are becoming more aware of different healthcare options along with the requirements that are possibly demanding more accessible and efficient healthcare system.

Along with that, healthcare providers are becoming more aware of the specific need. To fulfill the specific need, many healthcare IT firms are trying a lot. So, they tend to provide many different software services.

In this section, you will get a clear idea about many different types of healthcare software that are used by various healthcare providers.


EHRs or electronic health records are generally used for storing the patient information and that too in a digital manner. This system is mainly used by the clinics as well as hospitals to store the complete medical history of a particular patient.

In many of the countries, government health regulators are indulged in plans for making electronic health records mandatory.

These specific records tend to provide an easily accessible and secure way of storing medical records when compared to paper-based records.

Not only that, but the electronic records also do not have the risk of loss of medical history. Also, it helps in the prevention of medical records duplication.

Nowadays, electronic health record software is used in both hospitals as well as clinics. It comes integrated with the practice management software along with the hospital management software.

PMS Or Practice Management Software

Clinic management software or practice management software is generally used for the proper management of the clinics. Depending on the clinic requirement, there is the availability of the software which possesses diverse features. Also, they contain billing, appointment management, and electronic health records.

There is also the availability of particular software with possesses pharmacy and integrated lab management features in case the pharmacies or labs are associated with the clinic. The workflow of a clinic can also be effectively streamlined with the help of practice management software.

Also, it helps in the management of billing, appointments, and error-free documentation. This helps to make the system more efficient.

These particular systems are available for ophthalmology, dental care along with other specialty clinics with customized health records as well as prescription management.

HMS Or Hospital Management System

A hospital management system specifically contains almost all the features which are mentioned in the above sections. These are again considered to be a fully integrated system that is capable of managing the overall hospital.

Along with that, these systems are capable of managing the electronic health records and appointments for both outpatient and inpatient departments.

They are mainly used for the management of the surgeries, schedules, and other procedures of the doctors. They should have the capability to handle the pharmacies along with the labs.

LIMS Or Lab Information Management Systems

As indicated by the name, the LIMS is used for the management of the specific functions of a lab. It will also have provisions for inventory management, collection of samples, accounting functions, and provisions for machine interfacing along with the lab equipment.

Billing Software

It has been an integral part of the clinics and hospitals and so, it is being used by many of the hospitals in the current days.

Final Words

So, these are some of the different types of healthcare software or a hospital management system that one should consider.

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