What Are the Different Types of Shower Screens?

Shower screens are not only beneficial to prevent the water from spreading throughout the bathroom, but you can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Availability of these shower screens is enough to surprise you with different types, styles, and designs. You will notice that these products change the look of the bathroom without going for a complete overhaul of the bathroom.

You will come across different types of such screens you can choose from based on the style, looks, and area of your bathroom. The benefits of shower screens supersede the advantages of a shower curtain easily, making it the most popular choice. Let us take a look at some of the most popular types of such screens and their benefits.

shower screens
shower screens

Framed Shower Screen

The sleek and streamlined designs of a fully framed shower screen make it an ideal choice for any type or size of the bathroom. The aluminium frame provides unrivalled strength and exceptional performance at pocket-friendly rates. Such screens are a pocket-friendly option, thanks to its glass panels supported by aluminium frames. The aluminium frames provide robustness which protects it from the damages that can occur due to frequent use. Consequently, it is one of the most popular options for a busy family bathroom.

Semi-frameless Shower Screens

A semi-frameless shower screen is just the framed one; the only difference here is that the doors are not framed. The design of the semi-frameless screen looks exceptional. It is an ideal choice if you are looking for stylish looks along with durability.

Sliding Door Shower Screen

A sliding door shower screen is an ideal option for bathrooms with limited space. It offers the same functional space as provided by closed enclosures. Unlike the other types of shower screens where the doors open or close inside or out, in this model, you have to slide the door to open or close it. One of the main advantages of the sliding door is that it provides easy access to the shower area.

Pivot Door Shower Screen

The pivot door shower screen features a swinging door that has a pivot hinge on the center of the frame to facilitate the opening or closing of the door in either direction. The doors can swing 180-degrees, making it easier to open or close either inside or outside. Such type of shower screen is ideal for large bathroom as the door requires space for easy movement. You can get this model in different styles and designs based on the ambience of your bathroom.

Bi-fold Door Shower Screen

The bi-fold door shower screen is not only stylish but also practical as it saves lots of space. Its opening mechanism allows two or more folds which makes it ideal for contemporary bathrooms.

Quadrant Shower Screen

Quadrant shower screens provide the most practical design as they are designed to fit the corners of your bathroom that are practically unused. They are usually accompanied by sliding doors that allow you to save enormous space in the bathroom.

Fixed Panel Shower Screen

Fixed panel shower screens are pretty simple in design but look luxurious. You will notice only one frameless glass panel. This model design is ideal for large bathrooms.


We hope this article has provided you with the knowledge of the different types of shower screens. You can select the one that meets your needs and requirements. Installing a shower screen is one of the best ways to alleviate the look of your bathroom. You do not even have to spend a significant sum as they are incredibly affordable.

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