What Causes Teeth Staining or Yellow Teeth

A common issue we see patients’ teeth is the fact that staining can happen even when they’re adhering to a excellent oral hygiene approach in the home.

They may be brushing flossing and regularly nevertheless staining builds up over time because of additional health or lifestyle variables.

To better know where from the tooth discoloration happens; let us first look at the body of the tooth.

Basically, the tooth Contains 4″layers”: Enamel, Dentine, Pulp, Cementum

Why are my teeth discoloured?

These are the spots at which the origin and effect is the most obvious since they are about the outer surface of their teeth the enamel. Extrinsic stains are largely brought on by the pigmentation in that which we eat and so discoloration on the tooth enamel slowly dissipates over time.

Frequent culprits include tobacco, wine, carbonated beverages and energy drinks, and (annoyingly as you are reading this whilst sipping on a Latte) coffee and tea.

Extrinsic staining isn’t easy to prevent as a lot of in our daily diet is a possible cause; fortunately these will also be the spots which are easiest to cure. More on this later.

Intrinsic discoloration of teeth impacts the inner coating of the teeth the dentine. The dentine can darken or become yellowish and the discoloration could be especially noticeable when the outer layer (enamel) was worn away also.

Staining about the inside of the tooth is generally affected by health associated areas such as:

  • Too Much fluoride ingestion when quite young
  • Certain medicines like tetracycline antibiotics (especially under the age of 8)
  • Trauma into the tooth resulting in neurological damage
  • tooth decay (normally present in which the tooth meets the gumline)


Unsurprisingly these are more difficult to cure, but far from hopeless. An extrinsic blot simply requires removing from the outside, the inherent has worked to the tooth and thus a different strategy is needed.

As time passes, if there are fractures or cracks on your tooth, staining on the exterior of the tooth may penetrate deeper and also influence the internal coating.

Even without harm to the enamel of teeth as we age the dentin obviously yellows and the tooth layer thins, this permits the darkened dentin to show through.

As tooth wears off, metal fillings can give teeth a clearly”gray” look and older veneers and composite bonding may darken with time (and may seem even darker if you whiten your natural teeth).

How do I change the color of the teeth?

Attempting to evaluate which sort of discolouration you’ve takes a dental expert evaluation. A clear evaluation of the reason for discoloration will allow concentrated therapy and the best outcome will be achieved.

Guessing can result in the incorrect therapy. It may be tempting to purchase whitening toothpaste but that may not have any effect on inherent staining. Additionally, it will have hardly any effect on surface discoloration because the dose of whitening ingredients lawfully permitted to be bought over the counter are too low to have some effect.

Worse stillothers turn to house whitening kits and dyes that are not prescribed by a dental expert . In the beginning, these may not have any effect, at worst they’ll be completely unsuitable to the kind of discoloration you’ve got.

The kits are usually ill-fitting along with the gel in a dose that’s either too weak or (illegally) overly powerful. Instead of whitening teeth, a far more probable result would be to cause burns into the gums and make issues that need medical care.

Seeing a dentist and a dental hygienist can allow you to determine the reason for your stained or discoloured teeth and they’ll give you with the very best treatment alternatives for whitening your teeth.

For extrinsic staining brought on by food, beverage and smoking it’s always recommended to have a consultation with one of our hygienists who will get your smile back to it’s former shining glory (sometimes that is all that’s necessary!) .

After a thorough clean with a dental hygienist or you can book online appointment with Dentist in jaipur, extrinsic discoloration may be treated with professional teeth whitening whitening (supplied all of the teeth whitened are organic teeth and there are not any other causes of the discoloured teeth).

Intrinsic staining will call for a different strategy, where the whitening agent is placed within the tooth along with other decorative alternatives are considered (like ceramic or composite veneers)

We’ve composed a post that summarizes all of the best choices for teeth whitening whitening, but overall it is vital to see a dentist for a dental examination to go over your suitability for therapy.

Proper oral hygiene in home underscores any specialist treatment you might get, because this not only lets you keep your beautiful smile once it’s been revived, but in addition will help to look after your oral and general wellbeing.

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