What is an All Season Wool Comforter and Why Should You Buy It?

It is a widely and well-known fact that a good night’s sleep is essential for both physical and mental well-being. If you are experiencing disrupted sleep patterns because of the uneasiness caused by your existing bedding system, then you need to make some changes at the earliest. A comforter is an essential part of the bedding arrangement that plays a crucial role in affecting the sleep quality. A rugged comforter with synthetic materials and imperfect stitches is not an ideal sleep partner. You should switch to an all season wool comforter that ensures you enjoy supreme comfort throughout the year.

For the uninitiated, an all season wool comforter is made when two lightweight comforters are tied together along the perimeter. The best character of these comforters is that you can easily remove one layer from the comforter as the weather starts warming up, giving you optimum comfort. A velour tie along the perimeter helps keep the two layers of comforters together. When you begin your online search for the perfect wool comforter, you will come across various options. To drive the maximum benefit, go ahead with an organic wool comforter. If you were wondering whether the investment on such comforters is worth the money or not, then read ahead.

Benefits of Having an All Season Wool Comforter

People living in places experiencing extreme weather temperatures should prefer an all season wool comforters over synthetic ones, as the former adjusts itself to the changing temperatures and provides utmost comfort. Wool is one of the best materials that have insulating properties and is naturally resistant to mildew and mold. After talking to multiple people that have been using an all season wool comforter, a list of all primary benefits has been compiled that they received and are still enjoying. This list will knock off all your objections that you had about this comforter.

Wool Comforter Absorbs Their Weight

In most cases, both the comforter layers in the product have premium eco-wool batting covered with an organic cotton sateen fabric cover. The wool fiber stuffed inside the comforters is the authentic wicking fiber, where the wool fabric absorbs around 30% of its weight without feeling damp or heavy. Cotton fabrics, on the other hand, begin to feel damp once it absorbs approximately 15% of its weight. What makes all season organic wool comforter a big hit is its ability to “breathe” by absorbing the body moisture and releasing the same into the air. This single character makes wool comfortable to wear in both the summer and winter seasons.

The Comforter is Clean & Naturally Resistant to Mold & Mildews

As mentioned in the earlier point, wool collects moisture from the body and instantly releases it in the air. As moisture is not accumulated in the comforter layers, there are minimal to zero chances of mildew or mold growth. Another excellent feature of wool is that the material resists static dust and dirt, which means it never acts as the ground of dust and dirt accumulation. Even if some amount of dirt and dust sits on its surface, it can easily be cleaned without much hassle. Similar to the layers of feather on birds, the outside surface of a wool fiber contains a series of overlapping scales that makes it easy to brush off the dirt and lift out the stains(if any). If you’re someone that loves cleanliness, you will definitely fall for the all season organic wool comforter.

Contains Fire Retardant Properties

Organic wool is not similar to standard wool as the former doesn’t undergo a chemical carbonization process. A little amount of lanolin can be used in organic wool comforters but doesn’t make it highly toxic. The absence of toxic chemicals in organic wool comforters makes it naturally resistant to fire. Most of the organic wool comforters also have a unique coating that repels combustion. If you consider this feature from the safety aspect, then the natural wool comforters stay on the safer side.

Organic Wool Comforters are Durable

Investing in comforters can create a significant pocket pinch, so you should always consider the durability of the product you’re investing in. The better the durability, the more worth the investment! Having an all season wool comforter means investing in the right product. According to certain laboratory tests, wool fibers can bend back on themselves without any signs of wear & tear for more than 20,000 times.

In contrast, cotton fibers will break after 3,200 bends, silk fibers after 1,800 bends, and rayon after the first 75 bends. Having such great resistance power, wool fiber clearly steals the deal. You can enjoy using all season comforters made of organic wool for years to come. It will take care of both your comfort and investment.

Renewable & Sustainable Product

For all the environment loving people, the wool comforters have some good news for you. All the comforters made of wool are eco-friendly and renewable. Wool is shorn from sheep that is re-grown over a period of time. Also, as the wool is highly durable, people can utilize it for longer years. Long lifespan implies that the product isn’t thrown into the dumping ground frequently that, again, controls the environmental pollution to a certain extent.

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Apart from the benefits that you’ve read so far, you should be aware that wool has the best insulating properties that ensure proper temperature regulation throughout the year. If you want to get a comfortable and peaceful sleep in a comforter that breathes, then the all season wool comforter is for you. This is one investment that you will never regret.

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