What is the Biggest Lie an Oil Change Mechanics Has Ever Told You?

We know that the car is an unknown field consisting of complex technical units that only need an experienced master. It is unlikely that an ordinary person, after opening the bonnet of a car, will be able to understand whether everything is as it should be. Whether the master has made his adjustments. Many people know that some masters in car stations do not work honestly. They cheat their customers by overcharging for their work or manipulate spare parts. In this article, we will introduce you to the methods of deception practiced at auto car oil change mechanics. According to the official documents, the vehicle owner has the right to be present during the repair. After all, this is the only thing that can protect us, from the oil change mechanics of the workshops.

How Does Fraud Start At The Automobile Car Station?

Have you ever noticed that when diagnosing car faults, the assistants describe the faults in a special language?  He uses abstruse technical words to explain how to solve the problems? It is like a doctor talking to you about a diagnosis in medical language, a philosopher in philosophical jargon.

But here too, not everything is as simple as it seems. There is an unspoken rule among oil change mechanics, if someone insists on being present at the repair and supervising it, the cost of the work must be increased by at least 20%. And the interesting thing is that this is exactly what often happens. If we stay to supervise the repair we pay more, if we leave and agree to come back at the agreed time we pay less, but then the risk is different in the quality of the repair. This is how the craftsmen feel their way forward, checking whether an experienced car owner is standing in front of them or an ordinary kettle that can be unscrewed from three cans.

Which Repairs Do We Get Wrong Most Often?

Of course, creating a customer on an engine repair is the easiest way to go. Most devices hide inside the engine, and it is difficult to tell whether the master has made repairs or not. I am sure you know cases where the car gave for repair but the problem appears after some time. This is another scam by the oil change mechanics who collected money for the work but the fault was not fixed. Another example is when a person turns up for a fault in the car’s fuel system. After an inspection, the foreman finds that the fuel pump needs replacement. At the same time, the most he will do is clean the fuel system, but state that he has replaced the fuel pump. You cannot verify the truth of the master’s statement because the fuel pump is located inside the fuel tank and is not accessible to the human eye. What you have to do, you have to pay him for this. Most of the time this type of fraud actually happens with the customers.

Did You Know That Automobile Stations Run Small Shops For Car Parts?

So your brand new consumables don’t end up at the garage but on the shelves of these shops. In principle, you can cheat on anything. You just have to explain that the part needs replacement. Even if it still works perfectly, and then take money for the work not done. And the most interesting thing about oil change mechanics is that they cheat both in small, ordinary car stations somewhere on the outskirts of the city and in large, modernly equipped car centers with a large customer base somewhere in the center of London. Almost all the Automobile stations run their small shops for car parts when a new customer enters the shop the master would tell a problem about any car parts which is available in its shop.

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