What Is the Halo Setting?

Probably, the Engagement rings for the wedding are a tedious task to do because it requires selecting, shortlisting, and finalizing them. In this pool of exquisite design of engagement rings, you may encounter the halo engagement design which is popular among everyone. This halo engagement ring design has become popular a few years back and now this amazing trend often trends as “the halo craze”. Therefore, it is evident that we tend to follow what is happening in the latest fashion encounter. Hence, the most prominent one is the celebrity jewelry, as Nick Jonas proposed to Priyanka Chopra with a cushion-cut diamond surrounding the baguette diamond stones.

However, we have a set budget when we plan to buy a ring.  In the market, there are many rings available in various diamond stone cut forms. And one of them is a halo setting engagement ring. 

Now, in your mind, you must have a question that arises. 

What is A Halo Engagement Ring?

A halo engagement ring encircles a large stone around small pave diamonds. The center stones can be similar to that of the surrounding diamonds. These small pave diamonds strike on the light which focuses attention back on the center stone to create a grazing shine on the ring. Let us look at the types of halo setting engagement ring below:

Types of Halo Engagement Rings Based on Diamond Shape

  • Round Brilliant Diamond Halo Rings

In the Round Diamond Halo rings the center is enclosed by smaller accent diamonds and a classical round stone complements the ring. Thereafter, this design is available in any of the metal options and you can even add more options with a double halo engagement ring.

  • Oval Diamond Halo Rings

The Oval Diamond Halo Rings have vintage-inspired designs with an oval shaped diamond in the center of the ring. Therefore, for a complimentary sparkle, you can wear a silhouette ring with it. Also, the small halos around the center diamond appear as a glittery outline. 

  • Princess Cut Diamond Halo Rings

The Princess cut diamond halo ring is uniquely designed in which the stones are cut in a square stone containing many facets. Hence, the setting of the diamond emits a brilliant sparkle after light hits the diamond.

  • Cushion Cut Diamond Halo Rings

A fabulous arrangement of sparkling small diamonds at the square edges of the cut diamonds. Therefore, these diamonds in the halo setting enhance the overall look and one can customize its outer stones cut as well. 

  • Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Rings

The Radiant Cut Diamond Halo Rings encrust in the vintage style featuring brilliant sparkle combined with straight lines of emerald cut diamonds or round and square stones.  

  • Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

The name of the cut speaks Pear Shape, the shape of the diamond is in a pear shape. Thereafter, the Pear Shaped Halo Engagement Ring is a combination of elephant curves and startling angles. It has an ancient cut style shadow. 

  • Marquise Halo Engagement Ring

Marquise actually means “little boat” which derives from the stone cut in the shape of a boat. Hence, the ring comes with extended curved lines and extended silhouettes.

  • French Set Halo Engagement Ring 

The French Set Halo Engagement Ring prominently appears bigger because it has very small pave diamonds surrounding the bigger stone. Finally, this ring provides a sparkly look unlike any other.

  • Emerald Cut Halo Engagement Ring

Another Beautiful halo cut engagement ring is the Emerald cut creating a flattering and glimmering effect on the finger. Thus, it is one of the finest choices because its large surface area makes it appear bigger compared to other diamond shapes.

  • Heart Shaped Halo Engagement Ring

Heart shaped engagement ring is a Special edition for the love bird that makes statements about love and emotion.

These rings are not for everyone, perhaps they are trendy for lovers. Besides, they are quite expensive as compared to other diamond cuts.

How Much Carat Diamond is Best For Halo?

Well, the high carat center diamond looks enormous on the Halo setting. Also, half or a quarter appear lavish and suitably perfectionist on the Halo ring design.

Why Does Halo Ring Best in Comparison To Other Diamond Cuts?

  • It makes the ring appear larger
  • Versatile in diamond settings; can have different cuts and shape for the center and surrounded stones.
  • Improvises the visual appeal through a contrast color and brilliance.
  • Thereafter, Add carat weight because a lot of diamonds are not that expensive as one single large diamond.
  • Modern designing with a stunning combination of contemporary style and irreplaceable expertise skill in making.


It is rightly said, “the ring represents commitment and loyalty to each other”, and you have to make the decision of buying the perfect wedding rings for yourself. Therefore, while you want to buy, you must consider the above-mentioned points. 

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