What is the Role of Digital Marketing in Marketing Communications?

Marketing is not really the use of tools, marketing is a mindset that needs training and at the same time, requires solid knowledge in the industry. If you want to better understand what digital role plays and how it is positioned in the whole marketing context, you should read on.

Digital marketing is not separate from traditional marketing

Digital marketing is not a new concept, it is not something separate from traditional channels, but it is part of the whole of the integrated marketing communications concept that we will discuss later.

 Note that all the words Communications mean media through means (TVC, signs, digital) must be true. In marketing, the way a brand uses to convey a message to its users is usually through the media, so communications will be the word that is used frequently.

Digital marketing is a concept that encompasses new media channels / methods that appear later and is often associated with online channels. However, digital marketing is more holistic and includes Digital Advertising and Online Marketing. With the current movement, the lines will be increasingly blurred between the two branches of digital marketing.

Composition of Marketing and definitions

Even marketing models for strategy also have many different variations and different types, such as 4Ps, 4Cs, 7Ps, 7S, AIDA, 5Is, BCG Matrix, SOSTAC, etc. … and the right and wrong Whether or not sometimes is still very much controversial.

 Foundations are very important in marketing. If you talk about the background that is misleading, then all directions and meanings will be biased. Although knowledge is good to convey, the wrong foundation will also have a negative impact, especially for young people who are still in the stage of learning a lot of things.

In the following content, you will understand know what is marketing mix, what is marketing communications, what does Digital Marketing have in it, integrated marketing communications is what. It is even more difficult if marketing doesn’t come naturally, and you don’t have a large enough budget to hire a professional, tips for marketing your business can help you make more sales, and strategize on a budget. Of course, this is just a way of looking at me from marketing, based on what I know and the knowledge I have, and maybe it will be different from some others.

The marketing platform is Marketing Mix model including 4Ps: Product, Price, couponupto.com/…/7-marketing-tips-that-must-be-present-in-your-businessPlace, Promotion and later expanded to 7Ps with People, Process and Physical Environment. Here I just summarize about 4Ps and 7Ps:

  1. Product (product): can be tangible product (goods) or intangible (service) that satisfy the needs or desires of the user.
  2. Price: The cost (money, time, effort) customers are willing to pay for the product or service received.
  3. Place (location / distribution): a method to provide products or services to customers in the most convenient way.
  4. Promotion (promotion): this is the part that many people often confused with marketing. In promotion, there is promotion mix with direct marketing, advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and public relations (PR).
  5. People: People are involved in providing products and services to customers, interacting between employees and customers or between customers.
  6. Process: the rules, mechanisms by which services are provided to customers.
  7. Physical Environment: the environment in which goods or services are purchased or facilities exist in order to produce goods or services.

Some other variants of 7Ps which will use Packaging, Positioning, Partners, Persuasion, Policy, Philosophy, etc. to replace Physical Environment or Process. This you can learn more read.

To learn more about Marketing Mix, you should read Philip Kotler’s The Principles of Marketing, this is the basic introductory textbook that every marketer should read.

Promotion Mix – Marketing Communications

Back to the Promotion, What is Promotion Mix? Promotion Mix (aka Marketing Communications – Marcom) is a collection of tools that marketers can use to convey messages or interact with users and influence their buying decisions.

  1. Advertising: This is a method of mass advertising without discrimination in order to spread ideas or brand awareness to users on a large scale. Advertising formats like signs, TVs, radios, magazines, etc. all belong to advertising.
  2. Direct marketing: sometimes called direct response, is an advertising method that targets audiences rather than as wide as advertising. Most digital advertising channels like Paid Search, Facebook Ads, Email, SMS, etc. are direct marketing because they have the ability to target audiences.
  3. Personal selling: is a method of approaching users directly through salespeople or consultants. Including: salespeople, telephone advice, relationship sales, etc.
  4. Sales promotion: these are activities aimed at stimulating and encouraging users to buy products including promotions, demo products, vouchers, coupons, display at the point of sale, etc.
  5. Public relations: are activities aimed at building a homogeneous image of the brand not only for customers but also for different groups in the society. Public relations include:

+ Government relations: government relations – compliance with legal requirements, fulfillment of obligations, performance of social responsibilities.

+ Customer relations: the relationship that the company builds with the customers that they are providing services or products.

+ Community relations: community relations – building brand image with the local community or industry community where the company is operating.

+ Media relations: media relations – build good relationships with the media and press agencies to ensure a consistent brand image on the media.

+ Influencer relations: relationships with influential people to be able to use them as an effective communication channel.

+ Internal communications: communication to the employees of the company and partners about the image and brand of the company to build culture and cohesion.

* Some of you use Publicity as a synonym for Public Relations but that is wrong because Publicity is only part of PR – Branding activities.

The role and position of digital marketing in promotion mix / marketing communications

At this point we are at the channel part. Digital channels, besides traditional channels, act as a means to convey messages to customers. Which channel to choose depends on the tools the brand uses, the target audience and the type of content they create. No matter what channel it is in, there are three steps to take:

  1. Creative: create content and designs that are appropriate to the target audience and can convey the message they want to send. For example, design banners for banner ads, write ad text for paid search ads or shoot TVC to run ads on TV.
  2. Transmit: the process of activating channels to deliver messages to customers. For example, with online advertising, it is setting up advertising campaigns, or with the press is booking articles, etc.
  3. Audit: evaluate the effectiveness of an advertising campaign based on pre-set criteria such as revenue, brand awareness, market share, etc. Evaluate there are many ways such as using measurement tools. online measurement, social listening for digital channels or market research, surveys for traditional channels.

The concept of integrated marketing communications (IMC) as mentioned in The Principles of Marketing is to convey messages to users in a uniform way by smoothly combining the tools of Promotion Mix and umbrella channels. is digital or traditional. As you can see in the picture, the IMC is the Promotion Mix above.

Naturally, as said, this is a perspective. IMC with some others will follow a different perspective, going from concept, brand images or layering in different directions. What Tu presented here is that IMC is understood in a basic sense, divided according to the standards and marketing mix models taught.

You can see that digital marketing is now part of the IMC in the form of messaging channels and it is part of a top-down overall strategy along with other factors such as Product, Price, Place, People. , Process or Physical Environment but does not exist singly or separately.

Hopefully this article will help you have a clearer and more general view of Marketing and its components, What is Marketing Mix, What is Promotion Mix / Marketing Communications and the role of digital marketing in that series. what.

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