What to Do When Minecraft Password Reset Not Working

From time to time under certain circumstances, clients who has been trying log-in to their Minecraft Majong account frequently sees these several error messages that keeps emerging indicating “Login failed or invalid username or invalid password”. There could be certain specific cause for this technical error, but of all the aras one simple reason would be wrong input of data or incorrect login information considering the username or password.

This could be the result of your long term inactiveness into your account and might would have forgotten the “Minecraft Mojong Password”. Finally from your end  if you are unable to resolve the technical error messages continuously appearing when tried log in to the launcher, then should immediately visit the “Minecraft Mojong technical help resources” for the best support help .

But before we cross through at the other end of the recovery process, let us first be acquainted with “Minecraft Mojong video games.” An online video games developed prior with the advanced advent technologies only for the purpose of bringing up a new idea of revolution in the field of online video games and technology.

It was launched in the year 2009 by Markus Notch Persson named after a Swedish video games developer “Mojong AB” and since then It has been growing into one of the most popular versions of video games in the world so far which rose it into tremendous fame . Now let us return back to the subject where we port- the issue of Mojong password reset not working.

But before we discuss about the Mojong Password reset not working, let us at first know how to reset Mojong Password first.

Minecraft emerged being as one of the popular video games across the globe and is being ruling the gaming world for the young generation for a protracted time since then. Most players chose changing their old Minecraft account to the new Mojang accounts to enjoy a full access to large ecosystem of games which means the updated version. This is just where our users forget their account password and need immediate rush to the Mojang’s official website to reset the Majong password as detailed below.

Step-1:  first go to the official website of the “Majong video games” where you will see a logon-in section at the top right most corner of the page followed by the click on the “Forgot password “option on the screen and will be moving to another page.

Step-2:  Then a dialog box will appear on your screen where you will be urged/asked for your Registered Email Id at the time of when account created and then click the “Request Password Reset” option that you will see on the screen.

Now to the Next step you will now to enter your registered Email address that you used at the time of creating the “ Mojong Minecraft Account” and then go for the Request Password Reset button to be followed as below:

Step-3: Now a set of instructions for the password reset will be sent to your registered Email id for recovering your password and then just go with the steps that follows to “Reset Mojong Minecraft Password”.

Step 4: Now go to your registered e-mail id where you will get a password reset link and will be provided the option to change your password or “ Mojong Minecraft Password”. Now you will create your new strong password keeping in view the upper, lower case  with the special symbols and signs.

( NOTE: thereafter your new Mojong Minicraft password created and should be kept safe and be avoided from resetting this again and  again as it might  temporary or permanently block of  your account.)

Possible Reasons for Mojang Password recovery not working:

  • The Mojang website could be under maintenance to offer its customers the best services possible.
  • There could be a problem with the internet connection coma that is the load all internet connection is too much.
  • There could be a problem with the website’s server.
  • There could be a problem with the internet service provider of your network.

Please take note that if your modem password recovery is not working try again after 1 or 2 hours or  if your minecraft forgot password email not sending. If still experiencing problems wait for 24 hours or try another day if you are still experiencing problems Contact customer care immediately. Please keep note that trying to change your password simultaneously will not resolve your problem so please try contacting the customer care number.

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