What To Expect on Your First Private Charter Flight

Do you need to travel today? With many commercial flights still grounded and the cost of charter flight lower, flying by a private jet is your best option. Air charter or charter flights are unscheduled flights that are not part of regular or commercial airline routes. Individuals who lease them have the entire aircraft to themselves and the people traveling with them.

A private jet charter flight provides travelers several benefits that commercial airlines cannot offer. For one, private planes have more destinations and flexible schedules. This means you can fly nearly anywhere and choose the date and time of your departure. If you charter a private flight, you can enjoy the aircraft to yourself and your companions, if you have any. You also have an aircraft crew that will attend to all your needs. When you charter a private flight, you also depart from and arrive at the airport through FBO, a private facility that works as your own terminal.

All these translate to a highly convenient and comfy experience from your arrival at the airport, throughout your flight, and during your private jet’s touchdown at your destination.

Your First Private Jet Charter Flight

If you are flying by private plane for the first time, below are the five things you should expect from this experience:

  • You Can Arrive Half an Hour Before Your Charter Flight

One of the biggest benefits you can enjoy when you fly by air charter is that you don’t have to arrive two hours at the airport before your flight. The reason behind this is that you won’t have to go through the usual airport check-in process. As mentioned, you will pass through FBO, which means you can skip the long lines and crowds at the terminal.

You can board the plane within minutes upon arriving at the airport. If you arrive early and are ready to fly, you may be able to take off earlier than planned. However, this will depend on the direction of the airport’s air traffic control.

Since you don’t need to arrive at the airport early to catch your flight, you can have some extra time to sleep or make other pre-flight preparations.

  • Baggage Limits Are Less Strict

If you chartered a private flight, luggage restrictions are less stringent. You will likely be allowed to bring plenty of baggage. You only have to ensure your furry friend is inside an IATA-approved carrier.

However, before you pack your closet or everything you own, find out if your air charter service provider has a luggage weight limit. If they do, you still have to follow their policy. If your luggage exceeds the weight limit, you may have to leave them behind.

  • You’ll Be Flying in The Lap of Luxury

One of the biggest perks of chartering a private jet is you can revel in luxury. You can immediately experience a higher level of coziness once you sit down since most seats in private planes are leather recliners. They are wider, ergonomically designed, and more comfortable.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about other people bumping into you as they go to the washroom, or the person behind you kicking your seat incessantly. There is simply more legroom for you to move around and be comfortable for the long flight.

However, don’t immediately assume that you can turn your seat into a bed. If you have a long flight and would like to get some sleep, request a jet with deep-recline seats so that you won’t have a difficult time getting some quality shuteye.

Additionally, choices for your meals won’t be limited to chicken or fish. You can request snacks and dishes that you want served on your flight since air charters also have catering services. Won’t have to wait for lunch or dinner to fill your tummy. You can eat anytime you feel hungry or puckish and can also request beforehand specific beverages that you want to drink during your flight.

  • You Will Stay Preoccupied

Air charters have a wide variety of entertainment options. Most private jets have free Wi-Fi, high-end entertainment with sound systems, and satellite TV. You can also connect your iPhone or Android gadget to these devices. You can watch movies, TV shows, and the latest news or listen to music anytime during the flight.

Since there is free Wi-Fi, you can also check your social media feeds anytime, even if you are up in the air. You can also do some work during the flight since you have an Internet connection.

  • You Can Enjoy Streamlined Arrival At Your Destination

Your comfort and convenience won’t stop when your private jet lands. Once you disembark, you can skip the long lines and red tape you may experience at commercial service airports. If you have one of the more powerful passports in the world, you may even be allowed visa-free entry to your destination. Also, your passport may or may not be stamped. If you need to have it stamped with the arrival date, inform the aircraft beforehand so that they can assist you.

If you are bringing alcohol, tobacco products, products you intend to sell, and other similar items, you have to make the usual customs declaration. Make sure you know what items you can and can’t bring to your destination country to avoid getting into any problems upon your arrival.

Lastly, if you requested your air charter service provider to arrange transportation upon your arrival, you can hop on to your rental with your luggage immediately as soon as you leave the airport. You won’t have to wait in line to get a cab.

Many air charter companies provide bespoke services, so your luxurious experience won’t stop once you get off the private jet. With the luxurious amenities and experiences you can expect when you charter a private flight, you won’t regret investing in this travel option.

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