What type of mobile application to choose for your business?

Mobile applications have invaded our smartphones and tablets and today represent an essential tool in setting up a business. Everyone who wants to create a mobile application must inevitably answer a question: what type of application to choose?

There are indeed 3 types of mobile applications and choosing one of them can often be a puzzle. Our Retrocube agency, specialist in the development of mobile applications, is there to advise you and allow you to make the best choice.

The native application

A so-called “ native ” application is an application developed specifically for one of the operating systems used by smartphones and tablets: iOS and Android.


Often downloaded from app stores, native apps offer many benefits.

These apps allow easier and unlimited access to smartphone functions , such as the camera, microphone, contacts, photo gallery or even Bluetooth. The integration of third-party code (SDK, external libraries) is also facilitated.

In addition, this type of application does not necessarily require an internet connection, which is an advantage, particularly with the use of music or games applications.

Native development therefore guarantees a fast , reliable and responsive application with a higher resolution, which ensures a better user experience .

However, the development and maintenance costs of this type of application remain high .

For who ?

If you want to benefit from the advantages of the native application. Be prepared to assign at least one developer for each platform (iOS / Android) . Indeed, this type of application requires a lot of knowledge and resources. These are complex projects to develop, but for a quality result, without compromise.

The web application

A web application is an application available online thanks to a browser and does not require installation on the various operating systems, we then speak of webapp or progressive web app.


A web application is simply a mobile version of an existing website . The goal of using a web application is to make your site functional on mobile. This type of application is faster to develop and less expensive than the other two options because it does not require large resources.

It can not be stored on devices (or at least within a certain limit), which makes it attractive especially when we know how much space our apps take up on our smartphones.

In terms of its design , your application will reflect your website, so thanks to web development it will be able to interact and display optimally on any type of screen.

It is an easy-to-use app with few features, because it does not have access to all the native functions present on your mobile. In addition, an internet connection is required to use this type of application.

For who?

If you want to develop your app from your website and you want to sport simple designs on your app, then the web app is for you! In addition, because of its limits in terms of development, it represents an advantage for small budgets.

The Native Hybrid Application

As the name suggests, this is an application halfway between native and web development. This type of application uses the native functionalities of smartphones and will be made available to the general public on all mobile app developers Dallas platforms.


The hybrid application is faster and cheaper to develop than the native one. Its biggest advantage lies in the disadvantage of native, that is to say that here the costs of development and maintenance are lower because only one developer can realize the iOS AND Android application from the same code . In case of bugs, a single intervention will suffice because there is only one version of the code for several platforms.

This one and only version of code therefore saves you time and money .

But where are its drawbacks? Well, a hybrid application is not suitable if your goal is to design an application composed of a lot of complex features (like a 3D game or virtual reality for example).

For who ?

If you want to develop a tailor-made application with a controlled budget with the performance of a native application, then hybrid development meets your needs. It facilitates development and reduces costs accordingly. In addition, you could have access to mobile stores and be more competitive.

 Creating your mobile application is a real challenge. There are several types of applications and telling you which solution is the best would not be objective. It is essential for you to make your choice taking into consideration your needs .

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