What’s the Difference Between Trend Micro Titanium & Maximum Security?

Trend Micro Titanium Security and Maximum Security has earned near to perfect scores for blocking and offering protection against malware in numerous AV-Tests.

Both the consumer security products from Trend Micro comes with lots of essential features that help to keep your system secured no matter what you’re doing online.

This two software are popularly accepted by consumers as it offers advanced security against numerous threats. But sometimes you might be in dilemma to purchase the right one for your security needs.

No worries, because to help you out, we have provided a comparison between Trend Micro Titanium and Maximum Security. So, read on.

Trend Micro Titanium Security

The Pros & Cons


  • Good virus detection scores.
  • Clean user interface.
  • Good Parental Controls.
  • Anti-phishing and -spam included.
  • You get a secure erase feature.
  • Availability of social networking protection.
  • System performance enhancer.


  • There can be false positives.
  • Sometimes the system may slow down.

Features, Protection & Pricing

Trend Micro Titanium Security key feature is the Firewall Booster than enhances Windows Firewall. It also provides features like social networking protection, data theft prevention, parental controls, anti-phishing and anti-spam, etc. which we will discuss below.

You can protect up to five PCs for two years and there is also 30-day trial period available. Let’s check out the features, Trend Micro Titanium Security provides.

The features focus primarily on ensuring secured web surfing and protection against malware and other viruses.

  • Spyware & Virus Protection – It prevents malicious codes from executing on your system and there is also on-demand/scheduled scans which can be manually configured.

Trend Micro Titanium Security also offers real-time protection, in case there is malicious behaviour detect, you will be immediately alerted.

  • Protection on the web – It prevents malicious URLs included in websites, emails, instant messages, etc. Trend Micro will alert you if any website is suspicious.
  • Anti-phishing and -spam – It ensures that online security is properly maintained and filters out any phishing scams and emails. You will also be kept away from malicious websites.
  • Prevents data theft – It defends the system’s sensitive data from any unauthorized accesses. You can also store information as it will be password protected.
  • Firewall Booster – It enhances the capabilities of Windows Firewall to prevent any attempt of getting access to your system.
  • Secure Erase – Using this feature, you can securely and permanently delete sensitive files that are non-recoverable.
  • Protection on Social platforms – It scans any links on your Twitter feed, Facebook wall and keeps you secured on Google+, LinkedIn, MySpace, Pinterest, etc.
  • Parental Controls – Using this feature allows you to monitor and restrict your kid’s online activity in an easy way. You can set filters, time limits for the activity online.
  • System Tuner – It helps you optimize the performance of your slow running PC by clearing out space, browser, program, instant messaging history and even removing useless system registry information.

Trend Micro Maximum Security

The Pros & Cons


  • Very good scores in blocking phishing and malicious URLs.
  • Offers many useful features.
  • Complete security for Android devices.
  • Beyond basic protection for Mac.
  • Good features for iOS devices.


  • Mixed results in numerous lab tests.
  • Not that effective in malware protection.
  • On some platforms, parental control is weak.

Features, Protection & Pricing

Trend Micro Maximum Security offers you with advanced protection that not secures your Windows computer but also macOS, Android and iOS devices. It offers you a lot of essential features that equally protects whatever device platform you’re using.

If you want to protect up to five devices, it will cost you around $40 for the first year and $90 on renewal. To cover ten devices for the first year, you need to pay $40 and $100 on renewal.

Let’s know about the security features it offers you.

  • Ransomware Protection – It offers you three layers of protection and provides a Folder Shield with that block and unauthorized programs from making any changes.

It even monitors process for ransomware-like behaviour and in case if a ransomware attack destroys the file, you can restore them from its encrypted storage.

  • Pay Guard – It is a hardened browser that ensures secure online financial transactions.
  • Mute Mode – It temporarily turns off all security-related notifications.
  • Windows Firewall Booster – It enhances Windows Firewall protection and blocks any targeted network-level attacks.
  • Fraud Buster – If any fraud is detected, it’s then sent to Trend Micro for analysis.
  • Line Markup – It helps in identifying malicious and dangerous links on search results and social media platforms.
  • PC Health Checkup – It examines your system to provide you with a suggestion to improve its performance and security. Mostly you will need to clear out junk files, browsing history, startup programs, etc.
  • Social Media Privacy Scanner – It checks your social media handles and information you about settings that can expose your privacy.
  • Parental Control – Though it provides limited and ineffective functions it still lets you take control of your kid’s online activity.
  • File Shredder – It helps you in deleting files that cannot be brought back by any means.

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