What’s The Real Risk Of Hiring A Bad Roof Contractor?

Hiring the right residential roof contractor is very significant when you’re searching for the best quality for your roof. A roof is what indeed makes a place a home. One of the most significant signs of a good residential roofing contractor is that they hold the right credentials.

There are several risks to your home and roof if you hire an incompetent residential roof contractor. A few drawbacks of hiring bad contractors are:

Using a roofing contractor without a license

Getting a roof done can be very expensive; an entire roof replacement can cost up to $10,000 and plenty more on a more prominent building or commercial roof. Thus, some property residents prefer to reach a local roof replacement and repair service that would charge an affordable fee. Which often results in hiring a regional residential roofing company that is uncertified or unlicensed. Unlicensed roofing contractors are most likely to be cheaper than those who are appropriately licensed and insured. 

Contractors who don’t have adequate training, awareness, and expertise to be laboring on roofs may attempt to perform roofing tasks without a license because they don’t acquire the essential techniques to become licensed. Hiring a contractor like this means that you would be risking your family’s well-being with an incompetent worker.  

Lack of Certification

Several manufacturers that sell roofing products and shingles offer credentials to roofers. When a local residential roofing service has certification. It suggests that the roofer has acquired the necessary training to install their products efficiently. A local roof replacement and repair contractor who doesn’t have a state license can never show you a manufacturer’s certification. It’s like you are hiring someone unskilled to work on your roof with the products he has not enough knowledge about.  

You may be liable for unpaid bills

Unlicensed local residential roofing companies typically may lag to give money to their subcontractors or their suppliers after the job is finished. Unfortunately, that may put you in the situation of having to pay them, even if you’ve cleared the total payment of the job. Remember, you often can’t take any action against an unlicensed roofing contractor to court. So you have no option to pursue him if he doesn’t clear his bills.

No Warranty or Guarantees for Roofing

Bad contractors often deny to ensure their labor or provide shady deals with unfair warranties on their installation job or the products they utilize. If something goes wrong during the process. Then you could be justify dealing with more roof repair or replacement expenses and paying a lot more than you’d thought on the roofing project.

No permissions or permits

If a local residential roofing service is keen to function without pulling a building permit or conducting the proper inspections. He’s not saving your time or money. It’s because he is not authorized to pull the roofing permit. He feels that he is conducting sub-par work that won’t pass inspection. 


Whether conducting re-roofing or new construction, when a service provider does not pull permits you are at threat for liabilities, code compliance problems, possible tear out, the expense of rework, and potentially the loss of a house sale. Negligence to acquire essential construction permits by either you or your contractor may become an insurance issue or a shocking expense far over the price of the actual building permit. 


 A lousy contractor won’t be qualified enough to provide you with reliable insurance which most probably puts you in a situation. Let’s suppose that there is accidental damage to your household, or someone got hurt during the labor. The matter can become horrible without having any insurance. Therefore, it is essential to consider all the aspects mentioned above to hire a competent residential roofing service. 

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