WhatsApp Business API Pricing in Malaysia

Customers have come to anticipate instant gratification in the age of the internet. Texting is preferred by younger generations, whereas phone calls are preferred by older generations. WhatsApp Business enables organisations to respond to changing user behaviour and interact with customers on their preferred communication channel.

WhatsApp is already being used by over 50 million businesses to communicate with their clients. In addition, how much does WhatsApp Business cost? Small businesses can use the WhatsApp Business app for free. For businesses of all sizes, the WhatsApp Business API is the answer.

App versus API

WhatsApp Business App

If you’re a startup or a small business, you’ll appreciate the WhatsApp Business App. SofeaRose, an online hijab store, is a great example of a company that doesn’t have a dedicated support team. Like WhatsApp, you can use it to communicate with your loved ones. Also included are catalogues, rapid replies, automated messaging, and broadcasts for corporate purposes. It’s not ideal for larger groups because the WhatsApp Business App can only be used by a single user. Because it is not GDPR-compliant by default, the app’s data security could be jeopardised. It is possible to get the WhatsApp Business App for free from either the App Store or Google PlayStore.

Only one phone number can be associated with each WhatsApp account. Your account will be changed to a business account if you want to use your personal phone number. Before you begin using your WhatsApp Business account, we recommend purchasing a new SIM card. In addition to a new phone, you may require a dual-SIM phone.

WhatsApp Business API

Medium-sized businesses and large enterprises are best served by the WhatsApp API. CIMB Bank and Pizza Hut are well-known users, but it’s also useful for smaller companies.

The scalability, versatility, and GDPR-compliant configuration make it a good fit for many businesses. Features for businesses include things like template messages and the ability to use a WhatsApp bot.

Unlike the WhatsApp Business App, there is no graphical user interface for the API (short for “application programming interface”). An authorised third-party solution provider (i.e. “WhatsApp Business Solution Provider”), such as SleekFlow’s customer messaging platform, is required instead of connecting it directly to WhatsApp.


Payment is required for the WhatsApp API, which is an advanced solution. There are, however, a number of service providers that offer low-cost and easy access to the WhatsApp API. All messages sent by your consumers are completely free.

According to WhatsApp, whether you receive a free response depends on how long the service window is open. WhatsApp has set a time limit during which you are free to reply to consumer requests. You have 24 hours to respond to a customer’s WhatsApp message with either a text message or a message template if they contact you. Both alternatives are completely free for the next 24 hours. Away from the timeframe of the service. You can still contact your consumer after the 24-hour period, but you’ll need to use a specific message template. Each country and volume has its own cost schedule for message templates.

WhatsApp Business API costs RM0.17 each template message in Malaysia.

You can read SleekFlow’s blog on WhatsApp Business API Pricing for the complete breakdown of costs.


Take advantage of WhatsApp’s business features and use the world’s most popular messaging app to improve communication with your customers. If your customers have you on their contact list, you’ll be more accessible to them, which will lead to higher levels of customer satisfaction and the ability to deliver better customer service.

For businesses of all sizes and in a variety of industries, the WhatsApp Business API provides a powerful and GDPR-compliant solution. It takes less than ten minutes to sign up and begin using the service.

Despite this, WhatsApp isn’t the only viable texting option out there. Due to the popularity of these services, SleekFlow also allows access to less mainstream ones like Messenger and WeChat. You only need one platform for all your client messaging efforts because all channels are integrated into one business software.

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