Who Will Win In A Marvel Vs DC Costume Clash?

Who nailed it better? No matter belonging to Marvel World or DC World, the costumes from the superhero universe are always breathtaking. The perfect fitting and rugged appearance that our favorite celebrities have portrayed in superhero movies make us give a big round of applause for them.

While some people only stay with a particular club, many love the superheroes as a whole. If you are one of the crazy fans like them, how about styling up in these Celebrity Halloween Costumes and rocking the Halloween party?

The most heated debate that starts as soon as a DC and Marvel movie releases side by side is which movie’s costumes were the best. Many fans stay neutral and vote for the deserving one to make them the winner. If you search on the internet, you might find several superhero infographics that compare both worlds’ suits and costumes. Famous as ‘Marvel Vs. DC Costume Clash’, let’s take a sneak peek into this survey’s outcome and decide the champion by ourselves.

Joker Vs. Green Goblin:

The supervillains from the ‘Joker’ and ‘The Amazing Spiderman’ are both similar somehow. Both characters having severe mental health problems and laughing disorder, make them psychotic personalities in different ways. The thing that relates the two of them together is the sentiments of people attached to them. As deeply as they hate the evil doings of them, they also feel an emotion of sympathy for them due to the abusive pasts that they both have been through.

The Green Goblin from Marvel wears a green mask and a purple cloak costume. The distinctive feature about him is his huge demonic horns. When his experiments to multiply his strength resulted in a nervous breakdown, he became a cackling bad person who challenged SpiderMan in the movie.

Now coming to DC’s Joker, his costume usually involves suits and tuxedos of colors ranging from purple to red. His white makeup and creepy red smile are his identities, which makes him a perfect pick for any costume party, and without the makeup, you can wear his suits for your everyday life. It has provided the reason behind the result where 85% of people from 1,000 voted for the Joker’s costume in ‘Joker Vs. Green Goblin’ poll. So, here Marvel has outclassed DC.

Mr. Fantastic Vs. Plastic Man:

Let’s compare the two most underrated characters from both worlds; Mr. Fantastic from Marvel and Plastic Man from DC. The stretchy figures from both worlds have two personalities; Mr. Fantastic is a genius while the Plastic Man is a silly yet powerful personality. The vast shapeshifting abilities of Plastic Man, despite being naive, give him a strong edge from Mr. Fantastic. And if he uses his brain, he could trounce the Mr. Fantastic.

Let’s talk about their costumes, Plastic Man wears a red striped neck costume, and Mr. Fantastic gears up in a blue skin-fitted costume. Mr. Fantastic’s stretchy hands and sharp brain made him the leader of ‘Fantastic Four,’ while Plastic Man’s immortality and funny personality keep the audience engaged. This backs up another finding of the survey, which states that Mr. Fantastic justify the Plastic Man way behind ‘intelligently’ and won the poll with a big margin. So, another plus point for Marvel here too.

Avengers Vs. Justice League:

The two superhero teams that keep our world safe from every evil eye are Avengers from Marvel and Justice League from DC. Both teams comprise of many greatest superheroes from all over the world. Justice League was founded when the alien world forces attacked Earth that united the seven greatest saviors to defeat them. The Avengers Team was formed by Nick Fury from an agency to fight against Loki and save the universe.

As both of the teams are based on many characters, it is hard for us to compare their costumes but let’s start. Captain America’s costume is the most popular among people but let’s not forget the breathtaking costume of Wonder Woman. The Superman and Batman costumes also give each other a tough time. Hulk and Flash would give each other a good fight too. But you might be surprised to hear the results of 1,000 people but let’s just get done with it; The Justice League of DC defeated The Avengers!

This costume debate is an ongoing one and doesn’t seem to end soon. What are your thoughts after this comparison? Whose side are you on? Well, if you can’t decide between them, the smart move is to stay neutral and love the superheroes without any discriminations. The outfits from both worlds are the coolest, and no matter what others say, instead of wearing the same Akira Jacket to the cosplay, get geared up in an incredible superhero costume and stand out from the crowd!

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