Why A Concrete PTE Study Plan is Necessary for Clearing Your English Exam?

Pearson Test of English or PTE is an English language test that aspirants have to appear in order to clear their PTE Exams. Although it is a technical exam, having a proper study plan and strategy is required in case you are looking to clear the exam.

PTE Study Plan can be one simple yet effective preparation method that you can use to clear the exam.

Now let’s try to imagine this scenario; you have four weeks to prepare for the PTE Academic test, how would you go about? In short, you have 16 days to become an expert in 20 task types spread across the various modules of PTE. Although I guess every aspirant knows about the task types in PTE, just for a reminder PTE has four sections namely: speaking, writing, reading & listening. With that being said, the question is how will you prepare?

Sounds somewhat difficult, right? But if you have a well drafted PTE study plan along with a well-reversed strategy, you will have some good chance to score in the exam and get your desired PTE score.


So consider the scenario in which you have four weeks to prepare, here is a tried and test study plan that can help you get the desired scores in the exam.


The first week is all about the speaking section where we will be focusing on all the task types. The Speaking section has five task types; hence for the first five days, we will focus individually on each task type. Our mantra: One task: one day.

DAY 1: Read Aloud strategy discussion and practice.

DAY 2: Repeat Sentences strategy discussion and practice.

DAY 3: Describe image strategy discussion and practice

DAY 4: Retell Lecture strategy discussion and practice.

DAY 5: Answer short question discussion and practice.

Now, while involving in the preparation, you need to understand the marks scoring criterion and which task types are of utmost importance.

Like in the case of the speaking section, read aloud and retell lectures are very important tasks in terms of scoring while at the same time they also contribute to another section that is listening.

Similarly, Describe image, is another scoring task type of speaking which contributes heaving to the section with no other contribution to other sections.

DAY 6 & 7 : Practice Approach

Once you are clear with the basics of the task types and understand the general structure, the main idea should be to implement them in practice.

Start with reading aloud and practice specific read aloud task types while matching your answers with expert answers. Similarly, for the other task type, involve in individual task type practice and assess your answers so as to understand your weak areas and how you can improve.

Following these 7 days strategy can help you understand your skill level and as well prepare you for individual task types one by one.

Similarly repeat this process for writing, reading, and listening section in week 2, week 3, and week 4 respectively. However, it is important to understand that the writing has only two task types which means that at max you need to put in four days for preparation for writing section and the rest days you can use to revise your speaking section.

You should always remember that while your practice should go on, you should always give some time for constant revision.

So without any ado, dig deep into your preparation plan and follow the above strategies to get the desired score in PTE.

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