Why Backup Your Data Every Day

If something happened to your computer today would you be prepared?  The system allows you to “Save” or “Archive” a copy of your valuable data in the \CMTS\Backups folder in seconds.  Simply click on [File] > [Save] or [File > [Archive] depending on your version.  Do this at least once every time you go into the program.

If you have been using your system or computer for storage of any kind of information, it’s extremely important to ensure that your data has been backed up. Unexpected events such as file corruption, hard drive failure or even viruses can erase all your important files when you are not even expecting it.

Therefore data backup is considered to be the most important part of your routine while using a computer. Most people do not know how to do it the right way. Some may not know where to start and also might get intimidated by the large scale of things which is required for keeping your data safe. You may not know which backup software to use, which files need to be backed up and also where to store all these backup data.

Unfortunately, if something happened to your computer or hard drive, that will not be adequate.  It is very important that you also backup to a flash drive once or twice a week. There are various test plan templates available which can be used to test your software. In addition, make sure you rotate among several flash drives.  To backup to a flash drive simply click on [File}>[Backup] and when prompted, indicate the drive letter where the flashdrive is located.

Easy to access

Once you have completed the backup, make sure you click on the [Safely Remove Hardware] icon in the system tray and DO NOT remove the flash drive until you are told it is safe to remove it.  If you are not sure you are doing it right, please give us a call.

IBM, provider of the IntelliPost family of N/C Post Processor products, announces its new Version – IntelliPost 2003.Developed specifically to ease the effort and reduce the learning curve involved in creating N/C Post Processors, IntelliPost 2003  , (IP2003) is a true 32 bit “new from the ground up” Post Processor development environment.

IntelliPost 2003  is a fully enabled Win32 compatible application that is designed to be fully compatible with the current Microsoft Windows9x and Windows NT 4.0, 2000 & XP operating systems. IP2003 uses the Data Access Objects (DAO) approach for internal storage and retrieval of post processor configuration information. This makes it fit effortlessly into modern client/server networks that allow manufacturing engineers to have common, simultaneous access to their company’s complete postprocessor library and share development information quickly.

Advanced set of programs

IP2003 was written using Microsoft VC++ 5.0 and NMC 4.2. IP2000 also takes early advantage of the new controls and interface styles announced for Internet Explorer 4.0, Windows9x, and Windows NT 5.0. The result is the latest “look and feel” – very much like Microsoft Office97 and other up to date applications. The quick select toolbars, helpful “tool tips”, intuitive property sheets, status bars, and standard common Windows function dialogs are used to quickly lead the user through the Post configuration process.

IP2003 also includes IntelliPost 2003 Wizard. The Wizard guides a first time Post Writer through the Post configuration process screen by screen and step by step. In ten (10) easy steps the IP2003 user can create a complete “PP.dat” (Post Processor Definition) file for his machine and control. This PP.dat is then ready for use with any IntelliPost Post Processor Execution Engine (PPEE) V. 5.x, – on any supported platform – Unix Workstation, Minicomputer, Mainframe, or P.C.


Modern day technology has offered a wide range of options, which can be utilized by a lot of people from time to time. There are plenty of options, which can be used in order to save both time and money on a regular basis.

Your system or computer always uses drives to store the data.Most of the times mechanical drive failure or drive degradation might take place because of constant reading and writing a large amount of data.Viruses, malware attacks, ransomware,system or file corruption, power failures might also lead to lose your data. Hence it is very necessary to store the copy of data or we may also call it backup somewhere safe which can be retrieved later on.

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This essential task of backing up and storing data needs to be performed on a daily or frequent intervals.It takes only a few minutes to set up a automated backup task in any of the backup software. Doing this will reduce the risk of data losage and give you peace of mind , that your data is safe.As they say prevention is always better than cure, don’t wait until your data is lost to live with regret.

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