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SAP Materials Management (MM), a key module of the SAP ERP suite thru SAP AG, is a vital module. The SAP MM module integrates into the SAP ERP tool and allows all degrees which include substances shopping, making plans, managing, receipt of goods, stock manipulate, bill verification, and fabric manipulation. Understanding “What is SAPMM” will assist you to recognize the area of an SAP MM consultant. This article is a first-rate location to begin in case you are inquisitive about a profession as an SAP MM consultant. This article will speak about the primary skills of SAP MM software program application software in addition to its sub-additives.

What is SAP MM?

SAP MM (Materials Management), a crucial module of the SAP ERP Central Component, (ECC), offers agencies fabric, stock, and warehouse manipulation skills. SAP MM`s number one function is to make certain that every substance is stored withinside first-rate quantities, withinside the proper locations, and withinside the proper order. It makes it high-quality that there aren`t any delivery shortages or gaps in an employer`s delivery chain. It assists stock managers, warehouse managers, and fantastic delivery chain specialists withinside the well-timed and low-cost buying of uncooked substances.

Material manipulation is one of the maximum hard regions for agencies. SAP MM offers agencies whole management over their workforce, machines, and substances. This permits them to enhance their stock, delivery chain, and warehouse manipulation. SAP MM allows agencies to streamline manufacturing, logistics, and delivery chains to make certain that substances are delivered to clients fast and economically. SAP MM is a key module withinside the SAP ECC`s logistic function. It integrates fantastic modules together with Production Planning (PP), Sales and Distribution(SD), Human Capital Management, (HCM), and Quality Management (QM).

SAP MM Features

These are the primary skills of SAPMM:

  • Both uncooked fabric and stock manipulation are handled
  • This guarantees that there are generally sufficient substances withinside the delivery chain
  • These permits enhance the general overall performance and effectiveness of procurement activities
  • Productivity will increase while standard procurement charges are reduced
  • Handles numerous elements of enterprise employer like fabric requirement making plans and company evaluation, procurement, fabric validity, warehouse manipulation, and bill verification

Components of SAP MM

SAP MM is made from many additives which might be included together. This integration allows every branch to without problem percentage information with others, updating information in real-time. SAP MM is cut up into 5 additives. Each aspect consists of numerous sub-modules. These are the 5 most vital additives of SAP MM’s software program application software suite:

MM – CBP – Consumption-Based Planning

Consumption-primarily based totally completely absolutely making plans uses beyond intake information to are looking for destiny desires the usage of statistical methods. The MM-CBP aspect’s number one function is to reveal inventory tiers and generate procurement proposals for manufacturing or shopping. This belief is activated at the identical time as inventory tiers fall below a predefined reorder degree or thru forecasting destiny intake.


The shopping aspect allows conversation among all events withinside the procurement approach. This guarantees that an employer’s shopping unit skills are efficient. The shopping aspect’s number one obligations are:

  • External procurement of substances or offerings
  • Monitoring deliveries from providers
  • Track bills to providers
  • Determine the assets of delivery to meet a specific requirement

MM – SRV – External Services Management

This aspect allows for bid invitations, order/award placings, the popularity of service, and bill verification. It is a platform that allows you to control and coordinate outside offerings. It allows  varieties of outside offerings:

  • Planned offerings wherein the man or woman and scope are said earlier than the beginning of the procurement phase
  • Unplanned offerings are the ones wherein the scope of the requirement isn’t always feasible and wherein procurement is primarily based totally upon a limitation in cost

MM – IV, Inventory Management

This aspect specializes withinside the subsequent tasks:

  • Material (bodily) inventory monitoring and manipulation primarily based totally completely totally on cost and quantity
  • Maintaining the bodily stock
  • Planning, entry, and documentation of the motion of all goods

MM – IV (Logistics Invoice Verification)

Logistics bill verification is a crucial step withinside the logistics delivery chain. This consists of shopping, stock manipulation, and bill verification. This aspect verifies incoming invoices by evaluating prices, quantity, and content. This aspect is activated at the identical time as a company sends a buy bill. It then offers the bill to the tool and passes it straight away to economic accounting.

Types of SAP MM procurements

Let’s examine the varieties of procurements withinside the SAP MM module.

Basic procurement

It is the approach of buying the proper substances and offerings at wonderful prices. Basic procurement consists of the subsequent steps:

Gathering information: This is step one withinside the procurement approach. The module contacts the applicable providers relying on what number of merchandise is required.

Contact Suppliers: The decided providers will satisfy the orders primarily based totally completely totally on demand.

Services and merchandise: The substances manipulate organization grades of services and products on the idea in their usual overall performance. The organization may also moreover furthermore touch the same providers to location repeat orders, or they may touch new providers primarily based totally completely absolutely on the product’s rating.

Special procurement

Special procurement is the acquisition of merchandise that aren’t a part of the company’s enterprise employer. There are many varieties of specific inventory and precise procurement.

Consignment shares are objects that aren’t but to be had withinside the store. However, they must be utilized by the company.

Third-party processing. The company forwards the orders to the seller, who then sources the product to the patron.

Pipeline handling: Even after the patron locations an order, the seller continues the fabric in inventory at their premises. The company gets the fabric from the seller at the identical time as a patron locations a web order and sources it to him.

SAP MM Benefits

An employer’s capability to reply to converting marketplace desires is a key indicator of its usual overall performance. The enterprise employer must make certain that the inventory on the first-rate time to permit seamless product shipping. A well-prepared fabric manipulation tool can save you from shortages and deliver gaps in stock and uncooked substances, and increase the general overall performance of the delivery chain. SAP MM automates

SAP MM automates procurement and material control, making the complete gadget more efficient. These are the top benefits of SAPMM:

  • Improves inventory control
  • Reduces and receives rid of inventory loss
  • This reduces the time and difficult paintings required to keep inventory
  • Avoid stocking out-of-date or unneeded products to reduce material waste
  • Lower difficult paintings charges and better employment
  • minimizes manufacturing cycle times
  • Reduces the price of storing unwanted material
  • Product shipping times
  • Increases transparency in inventory control

There are many expert options for SAP MM certification

SAP MM certification a fantastically sought-after professional certification withinside the IT industry. An SAP MM certification will make it much less tough to get a high-paying pastime withinside the ERP market. SAP MM certification opens up many expert options, including:

  • SAP MM consultant
  • Lead SAP team
  • SAP beneficial analyst for materials control
  • Plant safety analyst
  • Supply chain specialist
  • Logistics manager
  • purchase executive
  • Material manager
  • Project manager
  • SAP MM Associate

Criteria for SAP MM Certification

  • It is a smart idea to test the requirements for SAP MM in advance before you take a look at the examination.
  • An identified undergraduate or postgraduate degree in any discipline
  • Business data and experience in purchasing, material handling, inventory control, buying, and provider control

Although any flow of candidates can take a look at the SAP MM certification, an professional degree in laptop science, engineering, or business organization control to be eligible.

Best Institute for SAP MM course

SAP MM being a crucial module of SAP ERP software actually integrate the finance sector with technology and high-profile companies are in dying need of such a system. With SAP MM training, you can find highly-paid career opportunities in SAP. The intensive SAP MM course is extremely beneficial to those who are from a financial or technical background. As the best SAP MM training institute in Noida, APTRON Noida takes a special focus on each student to make them highly demanding SAP professionals.

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