Why Do People Believe In Superstitions?

Believing in superstitions in this modern age is such an odd thing, Although the majority of people believe in it. Superstition means finding things that are irrational, illogical, or magical. With the use of something, one can save, or with the use of some objects, one can be fruitful.  Superstition is the invention of past people who were ignorant and most religious. People have weak or poor decision-making power trust in superstitions related myths.

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Superstition and Religion

Superstition greatly influenced theology. Greek and Romans were the first to bring the amalgam of religion and social science. When rituals of any creed or any part of the faith get excess, then it takes the shape of superstition. The more actively people believe in such meaningless and illogical myths, it is not easy to move them away.

Its connection with psychology

Superstition is nothing but merely a false belief that related to our psychology. In the 20th century, many psychologists did many experiments and showed it is something that animals do while they want to change the world around them. With such means or rituals, they cannot change the happens around them.

Some of the most common superstitions:

Many people still believe in superstitions, and they do different odds of things to avoid the dangers hovering over them. Although they are unable to remove it entirely but again, they try. Bad luck and Goodluck are two main streams in an individual’s life. Some of the most common superstitions are followings:

  • Touching the wood

    In the Christian religion, it believes that wood is the symbol of sacredness, and it comes from the cross. So, moving or knocking the wood would save you from the danger that you are facing.

  • The evil eye

    The world’s most believed superstitions are the evil eye. It is a lemon with a nail crossing its mid. It thought that this lemon would save you from the evils.

  • Black cats

    Black considers as the symbol of the unlock. If you are going on the work and student a black cat crosses your way, then it is regarded as the unlucky, or probably your action would be undone.

  • Trimming nails at night

    Don’t cut your nail in the dark you be dead, says some most superstitious persons. Many people believe that trimming might at night be the cause of unluck. They even believe that trimming with sharp tools is even more deadly.

  • Tuesday

    It was Tuesday, which brought mass death in Spain by the Romans in the wars of gods. These people still are scared of 13th Tuesday because it can bring more destruction. But it does not work in the same manner always.

  • Whistling

    Some believe that whistling inside the house may bring poverty to you. While on the other hand, whistling at the sun may bring heavy rain in your region. So, don’t whistle indoors or in the sun. It may harm as per the ancient myths.

  • Sitting at the edge of something

    Many people believe such superstitions that it is the omen of unluck to sit on the corner of the table. The sitter might not get married until seven years. It makes the singles more afraid and curious. They care a lot and avoid sitting at the corners.

  • Wallet on the ground

    Throwing or resting your purse on the ground is severe for your financial income. It means you don’t live, you’re many, and the money will go away. These superstitions believe in many south Asian countries. It is not the same for all. This myth popularly recognized in south Asian countries.

  • Toast with water

    If you don’t want to die, then believe in German superstition. According to them, the toast with water may bring death upon the eater. It derived from their myth. A toast has not much power to harm or kill someone, but all is a myth.

  • Breaking of mirror

    Mirrors are very nonelastic can be broken with little jerk. But it can bring severe seven-year lousy luck upon you. If you see in the mirror and it gets a break, then it is bad luck for you. These superstitions are only beliefs, and sciences haven’t proved them. Believing It them or not in them entirely depends upon you.

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