Why India is the Finest and Most affordable Medical Tourism Destination

Most of medical facilities and health care centers are staffed by the experienced and Professionals, who are best in latest treatment methods.

Medical Travel business has come long way, decade ago, people used to go across border for cost effective treatment however patients are selecting destination that offers package, best treatment, Travel and ease of communication at same time giving good rates. In India, you can get affordable medical treatments and packages to get yourself treated.

People as the global citizen and are using services from across globe specially medical care services though the present environment in nations has constrained and don’t permit these practices in this way, ease of accessibility becomes key driver for selecting destination for medical tourism.

Some factors which impacts medical tourism are:

Quality of Health Care

India has more than 500+ accredited healthcare providers and utilizes world class technologies just like western world. Doctors are regarded for the excellence in the entire globe, a study reveals over 10% of doctors practising in UK or US are Indian.

Apart from the availability of advanced technology and hi-tech hospitals, the medical facilities and health care centers have enough numbers of doctors and other health care professionals that are provided all the modern tools and enabling them to give the finest outcome.


Medical Travellers come to India for the treatment and they can save 50% of price that they may spend in case travelled to developed country to get the treatment.

Low Medical Cost

Cost of health care in India is 40% less than that of developed western nations without making any compromise on quality of care.

Low Living Cost

Living cost in India is 66% lower than that of US. Rent in India is 85% lower than that of US. Patient travels with attendant and may need to stay for long period for both before or after treatment in this way, it is one of major elements that considering travel destination.

Ease of Travelling

Medical VISA rules are simplified to make sure that patient will get hassle free VISA for the treatment. Medical VISA gives many entries and stays for longer time for the medical care. Plus, government has launched online medical VISA to ease process.

Ease of Communicating

India is regarded to be 2nd largest English language speaking nation and has big number of interpreters in countries that ease complete procedure for medical travellers travelling.

Optional Treatment

India is well known for giving optional Medicines and Accredited Wellness  Ayurveda health centers Centres.

Ayurveda is 5,000 years old system of healing which has origins in Vedic culture of the Indian nation. Ayurveda is enjoying major resurgence in its native land as well as throughout world. AYUSH Industry is calculated to be $10 Billion and will grow to $25 billion quite soon.

Type of Food

India has several foodies and provides many varieties of food across globe in this way getting food according to your choice is quite easy, thanks to the mobile food delivery apps. Food is one of key deciding components for travellers as well as attendants.

These are the reasons why India offers the affordable medical treatments and packages and have become the finest medical tourism service providers in India and around the world. And that is why; India has become the nation that is preferred by most of the patients to get the treatment.

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