why is the 1994 Toyota supra banned

The Toyota supra car is one of the most famous cars in the sports car market. Supra is renowned because every Japanese vehicle is renowned for many reasons, such as reliability and solidity. Car lovers love to add a supra sports car to their collection. It breaks all the records after lunches in the market. Nowadays, it is difficult to find a supra JDM car in the market because it is banned. But still, people love to use it, and they prefer to find a car in the market.

banned in 1994:

Toyota supra model was banned in 1994 by the National Highway Safety Administration, and the reason was the car’s reliability. After banning, it is hard to find any supra in the car market even it is unavailable for imports due to blacklisting. But the people who want to buy a supra can buy older models from anywhere in the world but can’t buy 1994’s model after strict restrictions.

1994 model:

The best thing is that even after banning, people still love to buy a supra sports car because of its super excellent performance and advanced technology. Moreover, Toyota company lowers the price rate because of banning conditions. on the other side, after so much hardworking Toyota is required to stop producing the 1994 model because Japanese fuel guidelines stopped the alignment with Toyota due to the banning the problem.

Problems of car:

There were many reasons for banning. The first reason was the headlight issue. The second was the backup camera, and the third was front seatbelts. People report these issues directly to National Highway. So the Toyota supra was banned in the market due to these issues.

Banned in the US:

Since Toyota cars started production, the safety reputation wasn’t good enough, but it is one of the people’s favorite supercars. The US government never knows the feeling of driving in a Supra car. People still love it because of its super-fast performance. Also, the people got crazy after watching the supra in the famous movie Fast & Furious series.

2020 model:

After banning in 1994, Toyota stopped the production of cars. But after so many years of hard work, Toyota launched the 2020 model with great features and functions. People go crazy again about the car launching because people still love to buy older Japanese cars due to their best performance. But even the USA raises questions about the reliability of the vehicle. If you are a US citizen and want to buy a Supra, then you must try to purchase it immediately because it is hard to find the Toyota supra in the US. After the supply of Toyota supra in the US, the other supermodels of cars faced barriers to entering the market. The 94 model has the bad luck to be banned in the US market, and the other models also faced some restrictions.

History about Toyota supra:

Toyota Supra has a long history as like other Japanese cars in the market. There were four generations launched in the market of Toyota supra with great features and functions. All ages provide super performance on the road. People were falls in love with this car. Also, the 94 model was a great model with excellent performance, but the price rate falls due to banning in the US. It becomes hard to find in the US market after excluding it. Even the Americans can’t import the 94 models of supra. The US banned the car due to reliability issues, but the US people still love this model.

Moreover, the best thing about this car is that after banning still, the supply is less than demand in the market. It means that the prices are still expandable because many people in the US love to drive this Supra on road due to excellent performance, especially its automatic five-speed manual transmission. The engine of the car was also perfect, which was 2JZ with a 3.0-liter Inline cast-iron block. Turbocharging of the engine made it easier for drivers. The first time a vehicle used 600 factory horsepower. At starting after lunching, the Toyota supra 94 model sold on 121,000$ in market and this six figure price rate makes it more unique and famous in the US market. Toyota supra used all the original materials in manufacturing, such as leather seats, CD player, Aluminum alloy wheels and rear spoiler, etc. it can easily cover 7000 miles on the road.

Another reason for banning was that the super function makes the supra extra fast on the road, which breaks the laws in the US. all the specifications are extreme of this car. That’s why the National Highway blacklisted this car. But it doesn’t mean that people can drive Toyota supra to buy other car models in the US. All the previous models of the Toyota supra were also great.

The popularity of supra sports car:

The Toyota supra was famous as a street-legal racing car. That’s why people love to add it to the collection. Besides the engine reliability, the 94 model fulfills all the conditions of a sports car. All the features were super reliable for this car. It has an automatic controlling system on the road, so no need to be worried about safety issues. The automatic transmissions make it more popular among car lovers, especially sports car lovers. Another complaint was about fuel. People complain about the fuel and national highway banning the car because it didn’t get fuel from a reliable economy.


Toyota car is still considered the best in the market because it produces by a Japanese company and the Japanese company is famous due to the reliability reasons. But the Toyota supra 94 model was banned in the US due to reliability issues. All the functions were tremendous and excellent but still denied sue to the extremely powerful engine. In this article, we explained all the reasons for banning the Toyota supra 94 models.

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