Why Norway is the Happiest Country in the World

What do you mean by “Happiest Country”?

Each year, the United Nations publishes a World Happiness Report which ranks countries from best to worse based on various life factors which include: Income, Healthy Life Expectancy, Social Support, Freedom, Trust and Generosity respectively while countries like South Sudan, Central African Republic, Afghanistan, Tanzania and so on based on these factors, Countries like Finland, Denmark, Norway, Iceland top the chart and in 2017 even though the oil rates were extremely low, Norway was crowned the Happiest Country in the World.

What does Norway have to offer?

Norway has the fourth highest per capita income; it has had the highest HDI (Human Development Index) ranking since 2009. Geographically, Norway is situated just above the Arctic Circle allowing it to receive 24 hours of daylight during a few weeks of summer, Norway has a lot of various fjords, glaciers, lakes, creeks, mountain ranges with a boulder in Kjerag mountain that defies all physics suspended between two cliffs thousands of feet above the ground, this attracts all sorts of tourists around the world and with Norway having one of the lowest crime rate in the world it’s the best tourist spot.

Norway also provides career opportunities in various different and unique fields, having careers in Hotel Management, fishing, nursing, and various other fields including some petroleum firms that would normally not be a proper choice in many other countries, Norway also has second oldest Hotel Management school in the world named, “Norwegian School of Hotel Management” that was founded in 1912 which accommodates 550 students from more than 40 different countries. Norway is also known for its high literacy rate, and material wealth, even though they have just over 5 million population, their wealth is tremendous. If you’re looking for some Viking tales, Norway has it all with its previous historic lore with some unique artifacts that can be seen in the museums.

What can you expect from Norway and its people?

In Norway, you can expect to find people who are extremely social and generous whether it comes to ask for road directions or asking to break a note for change they’re always ready to help. Norway is unique when it comes to Human Rights and Freedom, Norway has adopted policies to support women’s rights, minority rights as well as LGBT rights which promote Gender Equality among the people.

It also has The Allemannstret law, which gives a person the freedom to roam wherever he or she desires (except on someone’s property of course) which allows them to experience and live in the wilderness areas. Norway is also known for its culture and is famous for its Cinema, Music, Literature, Art, Architecture, Cuisine and Sports. Norway is famous for its poets spanning throughout the ages of the 14th century up until the 20th century and their work is greatly appraised by all.

Norway continues to build homes with wood as it has become its tradition since more than a thousand years, people also love bright colors in Norway which often lead to many colorful rainbow cities. Norway is also famous for its cultural sports that include handball, biathlon, cross-country skiing, ski jumping, speed skating, ice hockey, while the most famous outdoor sport is considered skiing, people love playing ice hockey indoors. If you’re looking for an adventure, Norway has over 50,000 different islands along its coast which goes on for miles and miles and you get to enjoy amazing cruises that may be expensive at first sight, but definitely worth it for the experience that you get.


Norway is a very beautiful country with sights to behold for tourists and presents a lot of unique job opportunities that you may not have seen in any other country, its filled with various attractions, sports along with magnificent sights of the Northern Lights or the 24 hours daylight during summer, it has extremely friendly and social people with low crime rates and its unique human laws allowing you to feel secure and free to do whatever you want. The country excels in almost every category whether it’d be GDP Growth, HDI, low crime rates against all other countries.

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