Why Notaries Are Important Today?

A notary is an important term that is used in the legal system. Many people do not know what a notary public is or what they do. A notary public is a public servant who witnesses and authenticates documents. They are appointed by the state to serve the public. Notaries are important in providing protection to consumers and businesses. Fraud can occur when documents are signed without being notarized, so it is important to have documents notarized to ensure their validity.

 What is A Notary And What Do They Do?

In the United States, a notary is a person who has been commissioned to take oaths and affirmations, receive and certify acknowledgments or proof of execution of certain types of documents. The person must have a notary public commission from their state government authorizing them to perform these tasks.

Notaries are appointed by Secretary of State offices in all 50 states and at five territorial locations. A clear majority of U.S. states authorize the Secretary of State’s office to appoint both regular notaries that can only perform manual notarizations using an ink-based stamp on paper, as well as “automobile” or “motor vehicle” notaries which can also perform electronic notarization.

Why Notaries Are Important Today?

The importance of notaries has changed over the years. In today’s world, notaries are no longer involved in transactions of documents that involve real property. They are only used for more complex legal matters, such as power of attorney or executing trusts, deeds, or other court documents. This change is due to the wide use of electronic signatures.

The new laws allow for these types of transactions to be done with an electronic signature which can be witnessed by anyone who is qualified to be a witness under California law instead of having to have the transaction witnessed by a notary public.

 Notarization is a way to prevent fraud since it is very easy to forge signatures. In order to notarize a document, the person who signs it needs to appear before a notary public with identification documents. It is usually also necessary that two witnesses be present, in addition to the notary public. Lastly, depending on the types of documents being signed, there may be other formalities.

The Benefits of Using A Notary

To notarize your documents are clear. When the time comes to use that document, you will have proof that it is indeed authentic and official.

So what happens when you realize too late that the person you trusted to do it for you was actually unlicensed? Unfortunately, if this has happened to you or someone you know, there isn’t much recourse available once the damage has been done. A notary must be licensed by their state in order to officially sign documents. Many states require special training on top of criteria such as being at least 18 years of age and having some kind of residency status in the state they wish to become a notary public.

A notary public is authorized by the state government to verify the identity of signers on documents submitted for recording in his/her presence. The purpose of the signature verification is to prevent fraud. Signing a document that makes a false statement with an intent to defraud can expose you to criminal prosecution in addition to fines and other penalties.

The authority granted in most states allows Notaries Public to complete some, but not all, documents required for various financial agreements such as mortgages or deeds. Many lenders require their employees or attorneys to review all paperwork before it’s recorded with the county clerk’s office.

  • Provide Legal Protection

A notary’s main task, as the name suggests, is to prove that a particular document is true and valid. In this capacity, they help provide legal protection for important documents such as contracts and other legal papers. They also serve as impartial witnesses in special situations where their testimony may be needed.

Notarizing a document adds an extra layer of security that helps protect you from fraud or other forms of deceit. For example, by having your will notarized, it becomes more difficult for someone to challenge its validity later down the road should you pass away unexpectedly.

  • Deter Fraud And Forgery

One of the major roles a notary plays in verifying an individual’s identity. This protects both you and the person signing the document. The most basic way a notary does this is by checking a valid, government-issued photo ID. They also check for any obvious signs of alteration on IDs and documents to protect against fraud and forgery. For example, many jurisdictions now require thumbprints or other biometric information for individuals signing some types of legal documents to prevent fraud.

  • Elevate The Credibility of The Document

A notarial document is considered to be of greater credibility than a non-notarized document because it goes through several steps in order to ensure authenticity. By having your document notarized you are ensuring the legitimacy and truthfulness of the document’s contents


In a world where technology is constantly changing, the role of notaries remains important. They provide an essential service by verifying the identity of signers and ensuring that documents are properly executed. If you need notary services for your business or personal affairs, PDX fingerprinting provides quick and professional, and affordable notary services in Portland Oregon, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Lake Oswego area. contact us or visit our website to learn more about our services.

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