Why School Is Necessary & Important?

Education is the tool that can be defined as the provider of vision to see life from a broader perspective. It enhances our knowledge, polishes & helps to gain experience. It also helps us to achieve economic & social independence & lets us enjoy all the liberty in our life. A quality education is the most important thing while growing up for any person. It makes us aware & raises our values to become aware towards nation, family & environment. Education also gives us the courage to speak against any injustice, violence & corruption.

Education is one of the fundamental rights in our country. A good education system is the backbone of any economy. Education also facilitates our fundamental duties towards the nation. It solidifies our personality & character as a good human being. The world is standing on the rock called education, it cannot be developed without education.

Importance & Necessity of Education

Below are a few points where I will discuss the importance & necessity of education.

Removes poverty

Education works as the medium to remove poverty. If a person gets educated he will be able to crack a job or get a job when he completes his education. And if he belongs to a poor family, he will able to afford a better lifestyle for his family. Thus, poverty can be removed from society.

Enables security

Education enables security & safety against crimes & violence in such an active way. Educated people are less likely to commit it. Also, educated people are less likely to become a victim of any kind of fraudulent activity. In this way, education brings security & safety to everybody’s lives.

Maintains law & order

Education flourishes the mind & sets political views for people. It provides knowledge of the fundamental duties of a person towards the society & nation. So, the law & order remains under control if people of any nation are given proper education.

Helps in communication

Education helps us to communicate well with each other. As we learn many languages in the process, get to know about technological things. It provides the knowledge to communicate with people with ease via email, chats, letters, etc. Education also boosts our confidence to speak in any public forum.

Makes us creative & innovative

A quality education makes us creative & innovative by providing us knowledge & polishing our skill set. It also provides us vast opportunity to choose among various career options.

Increases trade

A quality education doesn’t always ensure a good job but establishing an empire of your own. After getting educated, many people decide to go for establishing a business that in turn employs several employees. In this way, commerce & trade of the economy gets flourished.

Uplifts weaker section

A quality education removes inequality from society in such a way that it removes discrimination regarding caste, religion, creed, racial issues. It uplifts the weaker section by lending a hand to raise them & help them stand on their feet with dignity.

Empowers women

Good education empowers women in such a way that it provides the courage to raise a voice against any injustice towards them. Thus, they can also ensure that no child marriage, gender biased, or injustice happen around them.

Why Venkateshwar signature school is the best for your child?

Education brings stability in life. If a person properly gets an education, he can do well for himself as well as for society. He earns respect, affords a better lifestyle, fulfills all the dreams he has been dreaming, enhances his skills & knowledge. School plays an important role to provide quality education to young minds. It shapes the educational path afterward. School also makes a person disciplined & helps to understand the value of perseverance.

Venkateshwar signature school in Raipur is one of such schools in our country which provides a quality education without having to compromise on luxury & comfort. The school is a 7-star school based in Raipur, a CBSE affiliated school that is also looking forward to getting affiliated by Cambridge & IB. It provides a hi-tech infrastructure facility in wide acres of campus land which has multi facilities other than an academic arena, such as, hi-tech labs, auditoriums, AI interactions, an environmental park, swimming pool, etc. to provide your child the best of the facility along with the best of education which is provided by well experienced & trained teachers. The school also helps to build up a unique personality for each student so that they can face the world & excel in every aspect of life.

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