Why Should You Prefer Aida Material Over Other Dress Materials

Sewing your own salwar suits using unstitched dress material has become a common trend amongst Indian women who are looking for outfits that are cater made to meet their every requirement. No need to go to shops and sacrifice comfort for price or vice versa when there is a better option, dress material has now opened up a new world of fashion and can serve as an alternative to the usual suspects (sarees, kurtis, or lehenga choli) To provide your wardrobe with some unusual prospects that will act as a wise investment, go ahead and buy yourself some dress materials and put your own creativity to use by passing your own ideas across the table.

A dress material called Aida material has been enlisted in the use of woman’s clothing industry and is mostly preferred over others because of its various advantages. Positive factors that put this dress material ahead of others are the fact that it is cool and allows air circulation, it looks fashionable, feels superior, is affordable by all women, and also it is a great alternative.

What is Aida material?

Aida material is a type of material that features a large space gap between each fiber in its weave, this, as you can guess, makes it the most favorable fabric for making clothing in very hot climates, this makes it play a major role in the wholesale dress material industry. Another use of it is as a canvas for beginner cross-stitch sewers who require large visible holes in the fabric to make their patterns. Aida can be commonly found in white and off-white colors as this is the natural color that they possess. But if you require some other colors you can easily dye this material to produce a color of your choosing.

  1. Long-lasting quality:

    The most in-demand feature of Aida is probably the fact that it is a high-quality cotton derived material that has multiple purposes. It is made to withstand hundreds of washes and last several years regardless of what pressure it has been put under. Of course, this is a need that every woman will be looking for in any outfit that she purchases.

    Quality together with comfort makes for an unbeatable outfit that will be a pleasure to wear the entire day even if the weather conditions are not so appropriate. Value is what these outfits give to their owner as it is a great way to add great options to the wardrobe.

  2. Styles for every want:

    When it comes to shopping, women can be extremely fussy and can even spend several hours circling the entire store looking for something that they like or even an hour staring at a single item wondering if it is worth it or not to buy it. Aida fabric is one that caters to the needs of every woman or girl because it is well known that each person has a different style quotient.

    These outfits are customized based on specific needs and have several alternative designs to tickle your fancy (this must be a relief for many women). Some differences are sleeve, length, designs, hemline lengths, colors, and bottom pairings.

  3. The fitting says it all:

    Cotton derived fabrics are known to offer a better fit than other crumply fabrics that do not hug the body tight enough. Since you will be intending to wear these during the hot summer, you will not need it to be severely body-hugging as it will not be very comfortable.

    This is an important feature because every woman wants to look stylish but at the same time, she will want to feel comfortable like she is wearing her own skin. Fitting also affects other people’s initial thoughts when they first see you in the outfit. An outfit that does not look right can easily throw you off your ‘a’ game.

  4. Caters for every occasion:

    From this fabric, you will find that you can make an outfit for every occasion. Weddings, parties, and even religious functions. Weddings and parties require intricate decorating with embroidery, stonework, or beadwork as you will have to be dressed to impress.

    Religious functions require a different styling and in this case, a more traditional tone needs to be set so try to avoid all heavy and unnecessary decorative features that will give the wrong impression. Here plain designs are favored as they will more clearly display the Indian heritage that every woman is born into.

  5. Versatile and durable:

     If you are looking for an outfit that has many uses, this fabric is made for this. Chopping and changing your suit to get a totally new outfit will be a blessing in disguise. You can easily change the bottom pairings to include skirts, palazzo pants, and even jeans. By doing this you can easily turn your traditional outfit into a full indo-western inspired outfit that is still fashionable for western-themed parties.

    It can also be a great choice for meeting up with friends for coffee or even getting together with some of your cousins. This matching is durable as it is comfortable and can offer maximum mobility when required.

End note:

These are the various reasons why women should opt for the Aida dress material over other dress material fabrics. With so many options to choose from, there is no reason why any woman would say to all of these plus points. Many fabrics such as silk, georgette, and satin all have desirable features but they do not come close to the capabilities that this cotton derived fabric has to offer.

Basically, if a woman wants to have her best interests at heart, she will need to think carefully about what fabric will match her preferences the best. Also, something to get women thinking is what style of salwar suit she will be sewing with her newly obtained material.

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