Why Should You Prefer Dress Material Over Ready Made Dress

Dresses or salwar suits are a very common outfit worn by women all around the world. The outfit comes in many varieties and patterns including works like embroidery design, hand loom work, patch work and others. You have an option to buy the attire stitched, unstitched or semi-stitched as per your convenience. Many women prefer stitched ones and many of them prefer unstitched one. The reason behind choosing an unstitched dress material rather than choosing a stitched one is that you can customise them in different patterns and styles of your wish. There are certain reasons to choose dress materials over ready made garments.

  1. Premium Quality Fabric:

    The first benefit of buying an unstitched dress material is that you get an option to choose the suitable fabric. Choose the fabric that gives you maximum satisfaction and then customise it in the pattern you like. If you want to wear the outfit on a casual basis then you should choose fabrics like cotton, chiffon, rayon or georgette.

    Premium Quality Fabric

    For occasional wear silk and net are preferred more, other fabrics can also be chosen if they have good embroidery or embellishments. If you buy ready made suits then there are chances that you get a fabric that does not suit you or your body type.

    Possibilities are there that you love the design and pattern very much but you have to ditch the outfit due to its fabric. So you get an option of choosing a premium quality of fabric if you tend to choose a dress material rather than a stitched suit.

  2. Better Fitting:

    You get a proper and better fitting as compared to stitched dresses as your tailor stitches the attire by the measurements and size you tell him. You can pick alluring neck designs and patterns like broad neck, round neck, simple neck or designer necks and for back also you have option to pick backless or any other styles.

    Better Fitting

    Sleeves designs like ruffle sleeves, long sleeves, short sleeves or sleeveless are also an option. The length of salwar and kurti can be customised regarding your convenience. You get a better look when your dress is properly fitted.

    When you wear a graceful and properly fitted dress then you look attractive and stunning. A fitted dress doesn’t mean that it should stick to your body, keep it a little loose for a better movement and posture. The length of the attire should be perfect.

  3. Unique Styles

     If you choose an unstitched dress material then you can tell your tailor to customise it in different styles. You can pattern your attire in styles like anarkali, slit suits, palazzo or pant suits, straight cut suits or any other design.

    Unique Styles

    If you like to wear unique patterns then you should customise your tunic in some asymmetrical styles. You must try a slanting pattern, up and down pattern or trail pattern for a stunning look. You can wear them at weddings, festivals or other special occasions. You can also style your salwar in graceful patterns like palazzo, dhoti, pant or patiala style salwar.

    It means that you have multiple choices to make your dress get stitched in unique patterns, and in stitched suits you have to stick to the same pattern. So it’s better to choose a dress material if you are very choosy regarding your dresses.

  4. Durable and Comfortable

    When you choose a dress material you see to it that the fabric is good and durable. The main feature that you check is the softness of the fabric. It’s a pity difficult to choose the fabric in ready-made garments.

    Sometimes you like the pattern but it’s hard to take it as the fabric is not worth it and sometimes you like fabric but the designs are not so good. In Wholesale dress material you first choose the fabric and designs and then get it stitched in your favourite pattern. You get a nice fitting and proper length in these dresses. You can make changes in the pattern as per your choice and demand.

    Durable and Comfortable

    The dresses that you get stitched by the tailor are more durable and comfortable as compared to ready made dresses. They are durable as you yourself choose the fabric. They need less repairs and maintenance.

  5. Less Efforts

    When you go shopping it becomes difficult to choose the best one but if you choose to get your dress tailored then your path is clear and straightforward as you have already decided which pattern you need. Sometimes you can’t find the type of dress that you have in your mind so you have an option of getting it stitched in the pattern you are thinking for.Less Efforts

    This will save your time as well as money. You save your time by not searching for the product in markets or scrolling online and you save your money by getting your dress stitched at affordable rate rather than buying it from big shops at an expensive rate.

    It also happens that you eagerly wait for a dress and when you go to buy it then you come to know that it has already been sold, so it’s better to not break your heart and get the attire stitched.

Benefits of Dress Material:

  • In stitched clothes you only get general sizes and some of them may not fit you and in dress material you can get your outfit customised in a proper size.
  • You choose a premium cloth quality for a classy and comfy look. You see to it that the fabric is soft and fluffy.
  • You can get your attire stitched in alluring styles and patterns for a stylish and stunning look.
  • You can choose stunning embellishments and works as per your choice. You also have an option to choose your favorite color.

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