Why VSI is the Best Institute for CA?

“Some people and some things don’t need any introduction, results work for them” and VSI and MR RC Sharma are one of them. With the help of the precious experience of MR RC Sharma, VSI becomes the best institute for CA course in India and this is the reason VSI produces the CA toppers and all India rankers under the guidance of MR RC Sharma. The chairman MR RC Sharma says that VSI is not only an institute for CA students it’s a second home for CA toppers and if CA students get the proper guidance then the student can be the next all India ranker in CA exams in the first attempt.

So if you are a CA student and looking for the best institute then without any doubt register in VSI for the CA course and just wait for the miracle in CA exam results because VSI always gives extra. Apart from the classes, VSI Jaipur has online classes, pen drive classes, mock test paper series and personalized guidance for every CA foundation, intermediate and for CA final student.

Below, in this article, I will share the reason why students should choose VSI Jaipur for the CA course. So read the article till the end.

VSI Result- 6 Times AIR 1st in last 8 Years-

Students choose the CA institute by the past year’s result of the institute and if we talk about the last eight years result of VSI Jaipur then we found VSI has given All India rank first rank, six times in CA exam results in the last eight year and also producing the CA toppers from a decade. For CA foundation students this institute comes with the miracle of breaking all the old records of the highest marks in the CA foundation exam and producing CA foundation toppers. Behind every CA topper, there is lots of hard work of CA students but when CA students get the proper guidance then they hit the proper shot to become a CA topper from a normal CA  student and VSI gives proper guidance and proper environment of studies. With the help of proper guidance of VSI Jaipur, a lot of CA students topped CA exams in the last eight years. Below, I have shared some names who become the eye witness of that.

S.NOName of CA toppers Rank of CA toppers Exam name year 
1Nikhil KumarAll India 1stCA IPCC2012, May
2Tanu GargAll India 1stCA IPCC2015, May
3Gaurav SarawagiAll India 1stCA IPCC2017, May
4Atul AgarwalAll India 1stCA Final2018, May
5Ajay AgarwalAll India 1stCA Final2018, May
6Akshat AgarwalAll India 1stCA intermediate2019, May

VSI Study Pattern of CA-

Do you know how VSI became the hub of CA topper? If you don’t know then the answer is because of VSI Jaipur’s unusual study pattern. Where other institutes only focused only on the normal classes VSI focused on the 360-degree development of CA students by using the unusual pattern of studies.

The pattern of VSI Jaipur study is as follows-

VSI Jaipur center Other than VSI Jaipur center Online classes for home Role of VSI Jaipur in CA results
First- ClassesFace to faceRecordedRecorded10%
Second-mock testConductedConductedConducted40%
Third- personalized guidanceProvided TelephonicallyProvided TelephonicallyProvided Telephonically50%

VSI Mock Test Papers-

Before CA exams students get confused and ask everyone that how can they do a complete revision of the whole syllabus and how to score well in the CA exams so for those students VSI mock test papers are the best things which help them to revise the whole syllabus and also helps them in score well in CA exams. If a student solves a regular VSI mock test paper then the student scores well because the VSI mock test paper plays more than 40% in the CA results. Apart from the marks, VSI mock test papers come with lots of benefits, below I will share benefits of VSI mock test papers.

1VSI mock test papers help CA students do more studies and focus on studies.
2VSI mock test paper helps CA students to attempt 100% CA paper.
3VSI mock test paper helps CA students to give relevant answers.

VSI Personalized Guidance-

Some students are capable of being the next CA topper, but just because they don’t have any personalized guidance they are not able to score well in CA exams. VSI understood this thing and gave personal guidance to every CA student.  For personal guidance, VSI Jaipur has some guidelines like VSI personal guidance is based on the score of students VSI mock test papers. In VSI personalized guidance students learn some unique techniques of studies like how to study, what to read etc. if a CA student want to top CA exams in the first attempt then the students should take VSI personalized guidance.


Above in this article, I have shared all the reason which proves that VSI is the best institute for CA because in this era of competitions VSI is the only institute which produced CA toppers and holds the records of highest marks in the history of CA results and also given all India first rankers six times in the last years. So if a student thinks to top the CA exam then only VSI helps with the unbeatable experience of teaching CA courses. Apart from the proper environment and best teaching experience, VSI has a team of professional teachers who help CA students to break all the old record of CA exam then whether it is to appear at the top of the list of CA toppers or to bring the highest mark in the history of CA exams. If you are a CA student and read this article then you don’t need to be confused anymore in choosing the best institute for CA because by reading this article you know that VSI is the best institute for the CA course.

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