Why Your Keyword Strategy is Failing (And What To Do Instead)

You must be thinking why your keyword strategy doesn’t rank any more like earlier? And not give specific results.

You are still in that thought process of keywords that leads to ranking? Historically it was but now not anymore; it is useless. Back to the years, SEO is a straightforward process, which means it’s one dimensional wherever and what you search from, and you will get the exact result anywhere when looking for the same keyword. Now, SEO has updated its algorithm, and now it is personalized to an individual search result.

Are you still maintaining your page with the one target keyword in the right places?

Then, you are using an outdated technique. This keyword strategy now won’t help you. Seo has undergone many recent changes regarding their process, and you need to take a holistic approach towards it.

You need to understand google algorithm evolution and sticking to the old tricks; you are just inviting your failures of not getting noticed or rank higher. Houston SEO companies gradually update their strategies, making them rank higher and get their websites’ target traffic.

Don’t you want to be part of this old SEO strategy anymore? Let’s dive into repositioning your keyword with the right SEO strategies that get you better results and help you rank in the SERP.

Researching of keyword

Before starting any SEO campaign, you need to have keyword research on which keywords you want to target. If you don’t do keyword research, you will not generate traffic regarding the particular keyword.

You need to understand first who the audience is for you and what they want. Generally, it is a skipped step as you know what your keywords you want to rank are but what the audience wants is different. It would be best if you did thorough research in your keywords.

These are the two essential factors you can’t ignore :

Keyword search volume: You don’t want to optimize the keyword or phrase that no one searches. So for that, you have to make sure that you research your keyword search volume and make sure that it will drive the potential traffic.

Keyword competition: Before randomly selecting any phrase, you should do the online competition of your keyword. It would help you determine how strong the competitors are and how many there are in the digital world.

You cannot measure strength correctly and don’t want to fight with big guns; SEO Houston services will provide you the best deal and determine your strength precisely. It will make you free from the choices of which keywords you want and which one you want to reject.

On-page SEO and Keyword Optimization

Earlier the use of keywords in specific areas of content helps you to know the keyword relevance. It determines the keyword position and states how many keywords are included in the ranking factors.

The strategy of using keywords in that particular position like in the title, URL, meta tag description, image, and heading tags, content introduction, and conclusion are easy to manipulate by marketers and affect your SERP.

However, only keywords can not determine your position in SERP and drive the generated target traffic. As search engines are smart, you don’t need to understand your content’s subject title and how relevant your content is according to the keyword you stated.


In this picture, you can see that for the search term “SEO keyword research,” SERP natural listings do not contain the keyword in the title, URL, or Meta Description, and adding to that, none of the articles have the same keyword mentioned anywhere in the content’s body.

Don’t be shocked! You will be disappointed in optimizing your keyword to rank in that specific term as you can see that now google doesn’t need the keyword chain to understand what writers were talking about in the article.

What can help you to rank higher?

In the current SEO algorithm, a page ranking can be on multiple keywords, then why not optimize the content and target number of keywords. SEO Companies in Houston target and optimize their content through the research of topical relevance.

Topical relevance that targets the “SEO keyword research” instead targets the whole article and gives detailed, informative articles useful to your users, which help in search engine ranking and index.


Look at the same entries on the SERP of different search-related keywords then why google thinks that they are so far the same best option because this article is written on user demand not to target the keywords. It is helpful and gives information. Write a high quality researched content that users like and can see again will be ranked in demand.

A question strikes into your mind that, how do you fulfill the user’s demands? E.g., “SEO keyword research.”

If we search only for SEO, it will give plenty of options like SEO tools; what is SEO? Basics of SEO etc.

If you search for SEO keywords, it will give you the best SEO keywords, keywords tool, etc.

To be specific to your search, you need to use keywords like “SEO keyword research” to get useful information. By implementing this type of method helps you to generate high-quality content.

How keyword clustering helps you?

You move to keyword researching, but you get a range of keywords listed similar to your targeted keyword in keyword researching tools. Of course, it is not practical to use all those long-listed keyword phrases in your article.

For that, you can use a keyword grouping tool. In Houston, SEO Companies use a keyword grouping tool to create a useful guide of keywords to rank higher from that long-range of listed keywords.

Sums up to all:

The keyword ranking is out of date. The only way is to create useful content from that particular keyword topic to target different keyword phrases and dig more to create high-quality content to rank your page. SEO Houston service uses this technique to grow in keyword research and other SEO factors to rank their websites higher.

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