With a Blog, You Can Use More Customers for Photography in 5 Easy Ways

Are you a photographer who dreams of taking your photography business to the next level?

Well, one thing that creative people (e.g. artists, writers, yes, photographers) forget is that you are growing your business with marketing – not necessarily just that you are doing well. There are many great photographers.

  1. Blogs help build trust

    The first thing to keep in mind when blogging is that it helps you build a lot of trust in your customers and clients. This is a very important part of growing your business today, as a large number of customers review your service before using it. In fact, some say that every third person browses the site before doing business with it.

    This part is about having a well-designed website to showcase your work and part about showing your personality. This is especially important for wedding photography, for example, because in such a scenario, your customers want to maintain a good relationship with you.

  2. Blogs help increase your impact

    The most important part of marketing is influencing – you need to meet as many new friends as possible.

    This can be difficult to understand because it usually tells us that customer loyalty and repeatability are paramount. Well, if you have five loyal customers who bring you the most out of your business, but one of them gives up, then you’re in trouble. A better plan is to regularly attract new friends and make them regular customers through good service. Achieving growth is always more important than loyalty to growth.

  3. A blog can allow you to show more local opportunities

    Google is now focusing on local business intelligence. This means that when someone hits a “photographer” in a Google search, they get the results on the spot.

    Blogs can now help you take it to the next level in many ways. The thing is, every blog post you post helps you better understand local terms. For example, if you wrote a blog post titled “25 Beautiful Landscapes of the Sydney Environment,” you would be more likely to sort the terms related to pictures of Sydney people.

  4. A blog offers several new access points to your website

    This item is closely related to the previous one but should be noted.

    If you publish a blog post (if the settings are correct), it will publish it using its own URL (called a permalink). For example, if you post a post titled “5 Interesting Photos in New York,” the permanent link to the post is similar to www.yourwebsite.com/5-interesting-photos-from-new-york/

    The advantage of this is that Google stores such listings in search results based on what people are searching for and the mandate of your website. This is a very complex area that we are currently working on, so if you are interested, you can read this blog’s SEO article or Darren’s list of SEO tips.

    The thing is, for each blog post you post, you create a new set of keywords that people can enter into your blog.

  5. A blog will help your website get a higher ranking

    The best thing about the previous points is that if you do everything on your page, you can make this website better on Google with important terms like “[Photographers In Florence“].

    Google likes to show fresh, high-quality results. So if your website has only five small content pages with few changes, Google may not find it useful.

    On the other hand, if your site has an active blog with lots of new articles, people sharing on social media, etc., Google may think it’s more useful for its customers (people who search), so make it higher.

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