Your Basic Guide to Jewellery Findings

Are you a beginner in jewellery making? Or do you want to know what the basics of jewellery making are? Then you are at the right place. Jewelries are basic things for a woman every day. In fact, not only women but men too wear jewelries of different kinds these days. So, starting your own small jewellery business is a good idea. Or you can make DIY jewelries for yourself too and to gift your friends too. You can flaunt your own style through it by making your handmade unique jewelries. But before starting there are some necessary jewellery findings which you should know about.

Jewellery Findings

Here we are going to discuss about all the things you need to know about jewellery findings.

  • Earring Findings

Earrings are available in different styles but some of its findings are common in every kind of earring. For example, ear wires, ear studs. Hoops and threads are the main things which almost every earring needs. When you will buy these things, you will get so many innovative ideas. Like, you can simply attach a stone and wrap beads around it by using jewellery settings, to make a beautiful earring. Ear wires are also very useful things. With it you can create various designs easily.

  • Jump rings

Jump rings are very essential when it comes to making an earring. Usually, two types of jump rings are available in the market, one is open jump rings and another one is closed jump rings. If you are using an open jump ring you can twist it with snipe nose pliers but you cannot do it with a closed jump ring. So, choose one according to your need and make your jewellery.

  • Split rings

These are slightly different from jump rings. They have some similarity with key rings where we can see double coils of wire. You can use these for making beaded jewelries or it can also be used for hanging your pendants from a necklace.

  • Crimps

They are ideal for beaded jewellery designs. If you want to give a professional finish to your handmade jewellery, then these are essential things. You can simply squeeze the crimps at the end of your jewellery to secure all the things and your jewellery will be ready to wear.

  • Clasps

These are very important in jewellery making findings, especially for necklaces and bracelets. Usually, we use it at the end of the jewellery with a jump ring to secure all the things. Also, it helps us to wear the jewellery. There are different kinds of clasps available in the market. For example, toggle clasps, screw fasteners, bolt rings, hooks, magnetic clasps, carabineer claps and many more. You can choose them according to your need and use them in your jewellery.

Now let’s talk about the essentials tools we need to make our jewelries at home. They are also a very important part of jewellery findings.

  • For making beaded jewelries – To make these kind jewelries the first thing you need is to get familiar with various types of beads. Because, they are the main part of the jewellery and each and every bead has its type or characteristics to make your jewellery shine.
  • Wires – They are the base for most of the jewelries and a very useful tool.

There are so many other jewellery findings which for example, knot-cover, end caps, pegs with loops, wire guardians, link connectors, bails, bell caps etc.  You can buy each and everything among them according to your need. These will be very helpful to provide your jewellery a beautiful look and professional finish. We are sure your jewellery will shine like your personality after using all these tips and jewellery findings.

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