Your Week-By-Week Moving Checklist

If you’re reading this guide – you’ve started the moving process in the right way. Giving yourself enough time to prepare for the moving day is the first step towards a successful and smooth relocation. That’s why your moving preparations should start about six weeks before the big day. This will be enough to sort your tasks and do them slowly as your move approaches. And this means there will be no stress and hectic days, minimizing the risks of getting injured or damaging your items. If you’re wondering about the best way to organize your moving tasks, this is the right guide for you. Here’s your week-by-week moving checklist to help you.

7 Weeks Before The Move

Starting to make plans eight or seven weeks before your move will give you just enough time to manage everything. There are a few things you can do as first tasks in your week-by-week moving checklist.

Writing or Printing Your Moving Checklist

You can use some of the generated ones online, but it’s best to adjust the moving checklist to your own needs and the size of your move. Print the list and keep it visible at all times.

Scheduling The Moving Day

It’s time to know precisely when you’re moving. Contact at least three moving companies and get estimates from each of them. This will give you the chance to compare the prices and services and get the best deal. Make sure you get recommendations from the people you know but also read online reviews. Choose only the most reliable and professional team, so you don’t need to worry about your belongings.


Create A Moving Budget

You must keep track of all your expenses during the moving process. That’s why creating a moving budget and being objective with how much everything will cost is critical. More importantly, be sure to keep all the receipts and quotes – you can scan or take pictures of them and keep them in a separate moving folder.

6 Weeks Before The Move

It’s time to deal with the documents. Fill out the form necessary for changing your address, as well. If you’re moving with kids, contact both old and new schools to take care of all the records and necessary paperwork.  Also, be sure to find a new doctor and a new vet. You can contact the old one and maybe get a recommendation. And finally, let the people you know you’re moving!

Sort Out Traveling Details

It’s also time to take care of the way you will travel to your new home. If you’re flying to the new location, book the necessary tickets. If you are driving, check if you need a hotel to take a break during the long drive.

5 Weeks Before The Move

Continue your moving checklist by preparing your home for the move. Your list should include decluttering and cleaning the house. Start with removing all the items you no longer use. Go through outgrown or torn clothes, broken kitchen utensils, outdated electronics, and unimportant papers. However, be sure to collect all the important documents and place them in a safe space separate from other house items.

packing items in a box

Sort Out Your Food Supplies

It’s essential to plan your meals so you can spend the food supplies wisely. Don’t waste the food you have in your home. So, start using the food in your freezer and your cupboards. This will also save you time and space when you start packing!

Prepare For Packing

Start collecting the packing supplies. See if you can get free moving boxes from your friends and relatives or a local liquor store. Also, make an inventory of your household – it’s best to take photos of items you will transport to the new house. Moreover, research some tips on how to pack rooms or objects you find problematic. For example, if you are packing your living room and own some art pieces, read about how to have the living room handled in no time or how to deal with fragile items. This will help you prepare and minimize the damage risks.

Remember: if there are some fragile or priceless items in your home, it’s best to move them with you, rather than in moving boxes with other household items. Also, don’t forget to get insurance!

4 Weeks Before Moving

It’s time to start packing the items you don’t use every day. Start room by room, and pack things in dedicated boxes. Do it little by little so you don’t end up overwhelmed with packing. Also, be sure to label every box for an easier unpacking process after the move. Don’t forget to get rid of the items movers won’t relocate, such as poisonous chemicals, hazardous materials, and plants.

3 Weeks Before The Move

The critical tasks on your moving checklist at this point are:

  • Return any borrowed items to friends, neighbors, or family
  • Back up your computer and scan the important documents
  • Cancel memberships at your gym or dance studio, and update the info with any subscriptions or deliveries
  • Transfer the utility bills – make sure everything is set up in the new house once you arrive.

2 Weeks Before The Move

The big day is coming closer. Two weeks before the move, you should call the moving company and confirm the moving day details. Also, it’s crucial to find someone to take care of your kids and pets while the boxes and furniture are being carried out. Ask friends or family, or hire a babysitter.

a dog in a moving box

The Week of The Move

The moving week is finally here. We should finish this week-by-week moving checklist with final tasks and preparations. This is the time to finish off the packing and seal the boxes. Next, be sure to clean your old home – do it yourself or hire professionals to save time.

Also, prepare for the big day. Pack the box of essentials for your first night in the new house. Withdraw some cash so you can tip the movers and buy anything you need for the road. Check all the closets, drawers, and cabinets again and see if there’s something justify. If you’re renting, make sure you take photos of the home to prove its good condition. Finally, get some snacks and refreshments for the people loading the boxes. It’s time to hand over the keys and go to your new home! That is the last step of the week-by-week moving checklist. Have a nice trip!

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